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An eHarmony Success Story: Debbi and Brett

by eHarmony Staff

An eHarmony Success Story: Debbi and Brett

We’re so happy and wanted to share our great eHarmony experience — so I thought I would write a little bit about us. Brett and I were matched in late April and met for the first time in Anaheim, CA on May 8, 2004. We were married three years later on May 5, 2007.

Besides an amazing list of values and beliefs that we have in common, there were a lot of happy coincidences. It really is pretty unbelievable:

1. Brett and I grew up 20 minutes away from each other in Northern Virginia.  We both hung out in Alexandria at Generous George’s pizza place, and he even dated a girl from my high school class.

2. My older brother was Brett’s sister’s flight instructor in the Navy. My brother’s roommate is one of his sister’s best friends.

3. Brett went to the Naval Academy with my older sister — she lived a floor above him for two years and he knew her!

4. Both our mothers were teachers. Both of our fathers are retired U.S. Navy Captains.

5. Brett studied karate for years with my brother’s best friend.

6. Brett is a surfer and I’m a beach volleyball player and we each moved to California right after college.

Not one of these facts (aside from hobbies) was mentioned on the website! There were at least a dozen ways that we should have met, but instead, eHarmony brought us together in my Anaheim neighborhood, 3000 miles from where we grew up, at a party I threw.

Tons of my friends were there to meet him and the rest is history.

A few weeks after we met, I was visiting my brother back in Virginia Beach. We were having cocktails in a little bar and I told him that I had met a new guy whose sister flies for the Navy. He asked what her name was. When I told him, he pointed and said, “She’s right over there!”

We’ve had a lot of fun together and we both wanted to say, to everyone out there using the website, “Have faith — eHarmony works!”

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