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An eHarmony Success Couple: Teresa and James

An eHarmony Success Couple: Teresa and James

James (from Ohio) and I (Teresa from Virginia) have already shared elements of our special love story with you. However, I thought it would be good to share an update and express an interest in being considered as part of your “Most Inspirational eHarmony Couple for 2008” contest. Our match via eHarmony was created in August 2007. After meeting in person in October 2007 (thanks to James agreeing to a weekend trip to VA for our “date”), it was clear we had so much in common and we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

The relationship quickly blossomed and bloomed especially after James offered to fly one-way to Virginia so he could make the road trip with me from VA to OH so I could spend the Thanksgiving holiday with some family members who also happened to live in the Columbus area. James wound up spending Thanksgiving day with all my family and the next day I met most of his immediate family at breakfast at a local restaurant in Columbus. Later that year (2007), we spent a wonderful Christmas together in Virginia.

All of my friends who met James were all very impressed with him and sensed that our relationship was very special. (James later told me that by Christmas he was sure he wanted to marry me … but, he waited for the right time to propose.) We were engaged the Saturday after Valentine’s Day in 2008 and James prepared a printed “Declaration of Love” as a part of his tailor-made proposal designed especially for the woman he had come to love. In it, he outlined all the reasons he loved me, the things he appreciated about me and he also included passages about love and marriage from a book we’d been reading together.

The declaration had colorful graphics and reflected James’ thoughtfulness and creativity. After presenting and reading the “declaration” to me, James then had me solve a word puzzle which when solved read: “Pumpkin, will you marry me?”. Of course, I said “yes!” We were married on October 18, 2008 and I have attached a copy of one of our wedding photos. We are both “older singles” each getting married for the very first time after decades of waiting and many prayers.

James is 53 and I am 48! We had over 300 people at our wedding and guests literally cheered at the end of the processional as we walked up the stairs to the platform/stage area at my Virginia church for the wedding ceremony to begin as officiated by my pastor. Our ceremony was rich with meaningful readings, beautiful songs (one written by a friend many years ago especially for my wedding day), heart-felt vows, a covenant signing, communion, funny pastoral comments and romance as my groom wiped my tears with his hankie during our vows.

It was a fabulous wedding day and so many family members and friends were thrilled for us!! The excitement and joy of our guests was palpable!! All the wedding guests definitely shared in the celebration of our nuptials. Many other “older singles” in attendance at our wedding shared with us how our wedding gave them hope that they too could be blessed to find the love of their lives despite their many years of waiting.

After our wonderful wedding and delightful honeymoon in Jamaica, we were really looking forward to our first Christmas as husband and wife for 2008. Although we did enjoy the holiday, it got off to a rather bumpy start when we traveled back to VA after my 9 day visit to OH and we found our VA home flooded with over 2 inches of water due to a burst water pipe that had apparently frozen in really cold weather, burst and had been flowing for several days while we were away — causing some major damage (e.g., collapsed ceilings, sagging walls, water logged Christmas gifts, ruined carpet and damaged hardwood floors, etc.).

As you may imagine, we had a challenging time getting emergency assistance on Christmas Eve – but, thankfully a water extraction company eventually came to our rescue by 11:45 pm Christmas Eve night and they didn’t leave our home until 4 am Christmas morning. We didn’t get to bed at our insurance provided “temporary housing” at a local VA hotel until 5 am Christmas morning! When we arrived, we held each other, prayed and thanked God that we had each other in the midst of adversity and that we had a great opportunity to focus on the true meaning of Christmas!

Plus, we were grateful we’d made the decision to return to VA when we did — though we had no idea what was awaiting us. Repairs are now underway at our VA home and we are hopeful it will look even better than it did before our “flood” – which will help as we attempt to sell the home and complete my full relocation to OH. But, I’ so glad I did not face that adversity by myself. It meant so much to have my husband by my side with needed support, a wonderful attitude and a “can do” spirit.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful, loving, thoughtful, kind, optimistic, faith-filled husband who was truly resilient during our “Christmas adversity.” It was definitely a very memorable first Christmas as husband and wife — though completely unexpected in the dynamics it contained. I’m very thankful to eHarmony for bringing my husband into my life and am delighted to say that James was definitely worth my decades of waiting. He’s a gem and I’m elated to call him my “husband.”

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