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An eHarmony Success Couple: Teresa and Chad


An eHarmony Success Couple: Teresa and Chad

How two people could have lived in an exceptionally small town, grow up minutes apart, and never have met, is the question all our friends and family want answered! Beyond shopping at the same local grocery store and renting movies at the one and only movie rental store for miles, we even taught at neighboring schools. Although we are destined to be together, prior to eHarmony it seems as if destiny was not on our side.

Chad and I began communication last February. I had been on eHarmony for a short amount of time, struggling to find anyone who seemed to meet my painstakingly high standards. Chad had just begun his introductory period with high standards and low expectations when he stumbled upon my name and description. For the simple fact that he was sure there was no one living in Warsaw, NY that he didn’t know, he paid for the service and began his pursuit to find who this mystifying woman was.

We met at a small, local establishment, a safe place for both of us because we both knew the owner and had been there many, many times. Upon arrival the owner greeted us with a, “Hey, I didn’t know you two were together. What a perfect couple. I could have set you up years ago!” After a couple hours of getting to know each other and beginning to understand why anyone would have thought we would make a great couple, we decided to call it a night. Before he could walk me out, another familiar face to us both, greeted us with, “Wow, I didn’t know you two were a couple!” She was a substitute teacher at the elementary school I work at and plays in a softball league with Chad.

After a few months of dating we discovered many, many similarities like, loving sports, movies, our families, and working in the education field with kids. I am a third grade teacher in a high needs school, where I try to inspire and motivate students to be lifelong learners and Chad is a high school representative that travels to local schools (including mine) to encourage students to pursue a college degree. Overall, we both have the same career goal, to get our students to have an appreciation for education. .

We now play in a softball league together, Chad helps me coach my JV softball team, we share notes each night about our school day, we occasionally have drinks at the local spot we first met, and most importantly are getting married this July!

We are both very excited and thrilled with the success we had with eHarmony. We will continue to tell our friends and family that it was an eHarmony miracle that finally put destiny on our side!

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