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An eHarmony Success Couple: Susan and Joseph

An eHarmony Success Couple: Susan and Joseph

In 2005 I submitted my profile to eHarmony. I filled out the very long questionnaire, wondering why they needed so much information from me. Now I know why. They needed this information to match me up with the perfect man. And boy did they ever! Yes I did go on a few dates before that didn’t work out, but that is why you are given more than one match. But then, I was matched up with the most wonderful man in the world! I know everyone says that; however, mine truly is. I would like to share with you how this man changed my life.

When I was matched up with Joe, I knew this was the man for me. We were so alike and I loved everything about him. We communicated that first day of being matched up, nonstop. We decided to meet for our first date at a cozy Italian restaurant. When I saw Joe, it was love at first sight. The rest of that evening was magical. We saw each other as much as we could after that.

On our third date, we went to the dunes on Lake Michigan. As we were walking, we saw something shiny over on one of the rocks on the shore. Together we found this old rusty fishing lure. How cute it was, until we turned it over and saw the engraved figure on the back. It was a, well, not fully clothed Hula Girl! Boy did we laugh! However, because we found it together, we decided that was going to be our good luck charm. I met Joe’s family a few weeks later and what a meeting! He has 15 brothers and sisters and they are all married and have children so it was overwhelming to try to remember each person’s name, however they were absolutely wonderful! I felt so comfortable around them, and they made me feel so welcomed into their family, even though Joe and I had only been dating for a few weeks. Now Joe, when he had to meet my ONE brother, he had no trouble at all remembering my brother’s name… Joe.

We loved every minute we spent together. Then just a few months into our relationship the unthinkable happened and I was diagnosed with cancer. Talk about stress on a very new relationship! But Joe made my life stress free. He was with me constantly, giving me the encouragement I needed to get through each day. The day of my surgery, I brought my good luck charm (the scantily clad Hula Girl fishing lure) and had forgotten to grab it before I went into surgery. I don’t remember saying this, because I was just given some medications to make me comfortable, but I was told after by the nurses that I would not proceed with anything until I had my lucky charm. The nurse ran from the operating room, found Joe and he gave her the charm. What a shock to her and the doctors when they saw it was a rusty fishing lure with an engraved Hula Girl wearing just a Hula!

The surgery was a success however there was a long road ahead. Joe was by my side after the surgery. He was allowed to sleep on a cot in my hospital room with me, which he did every night. He made sure I was taken care of. The days after surgery were restless for me, I didn’t get any sleep because we all know how the doctors and nurses tell you to sleep but wake you up every ½ hour to poke and prod you. After my first night of actual sleep, I awoke to find Joe standing there with tears in his eyes and telling me how happy he was that I finally slept and how peaceful I looked. My heart filled with warmth and I felt so in love with this man. After surgery I was told that I would have many treatments ahead of me. I thought to myself, how am I going to get through this, losing my hair, days of not feeling well, weakness, tiredness? My first day of treatment was the scariest day of my life. I did not want to go and I was really depressed. I was crying and thinking of any way to not have to go, however I knew that was not an option.

It was December and it was cold and there was snow on the ground. My appointment was in the early hours of the morning. Joe said he would drive me to the hospital. He put two packages in the car before me. I wondered what they were but was too beside myself to ask. While en route to the hospital, Joe stopped the car. He turned to me and gave me the two presents. He told me to pick one and open it. I picked one out and, OH MY LORD, what a surprise to find an engagement ring! He got out of the car, into the freezing cold, knelt in the snow and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES!!! I no longer felt scared or depressed. I knew at that moment, this wonderful man would be with me forever, loving me, protecting me, and caring for me. If you are curious, like I was, the second present was our good luck charm, our naked Hula Girl fishing lure, as we now call it.

Joe’s job was flexible so he was able to come to every treatment with me. My nurses at the hospital, where I received my treatments loved him, telling me how lucky I was to have a man so loving, caring and giving. The nurses were with us throughout our dating, engagement and marriage, and some even came to our wedding. We set the wedding date ahead a couple years so we could have the perfect Christmas wedding. We made most of our decorations ourselves. We would go up north to my family’s cabin and make our wedding decorations together. Joe built a life sized sleigh out of wood for the wedding gifts; we made jingle bells for the guests to jingle for our kisses at the reception; and made our own centerpieces out of wood and candles for the guests to take home after the wedding, which we still see to this day at our friends’ homes. We had our rehearsal dinner at the same cozy Italian restaurant we had our first date at. The only thing I was nervous about for the next day was if the weather was going to cooperate. The morning of our wedding made my anxieties cease not only because it was a beautiful warm day, but because I knew the man I was going to meet at the end of the aisle in the church, was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

It was an unusually warm December day in Wisconsin. It was about 40 degrees, but no snow! For anyone who lives in Wisconsin, this was a day to go outside with shorts and t-shirts. My mom and dad walked me down the aisle, and with every step, my mom stepped on my wedding dress the entire way down the aisle. That was the humorous part of our wedding, the rest was perfect! The reception was also wonderful because we were surrounded by our family and friends who loved us and all could see how much Joe and I loved each other. For our grand march we were lead around in a sleigh by our attendants, who wore reindeer antlers on their heads. Everyone thought our wedding was beautiful because we did so much of it ourselves and it showed everyone how much in love we were. We just celebrated our first of many wedding anniversaries a few days ago. These past years with Joe are irreplaceable. I could never imagine my life without him.

I can’t thank eHarmony enough for bringing my perfect love to me. eHarmony not only found my perfect love, but has found perfect loves for friends of mine. I have been telling everyone about eHarmony and so far 2 of my friends have found their perfect loves on eHarmony. One is engaged and one has been married just over a year also. They both have seen how much Joe and I love each other and maybe someday they will share their love stories with you.

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