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An eHarmony Success Couple: Stewart and Allison


An eHarmony Success Couple: Stewart and Allison

Allison and I met after a free post Valentine’s Day trial weekend on February 17, 2007. After the questionnaires and some amazing e-mails, and many phone conversations, we decided to set up a date to meet. Our first date was unusual in that Allison invited me to see a production that she directed of Once On this Island for a school she works at as a music and theater teacher. This was a great start because we both have a love for music and the arts. When I first saw her, I thought she was adorable and after seeing her with her students and realizing the type of person she is, I knew this would not be the last time we would go out. After the show, we had a mini pizza party with the kids and their parents, then decided not to end the night and saw the movie, ‘300’. After the movie it was getting kind of late and I had to go back to Brooklyn from Long Island, so we finally called it a night even though I wish we had more time to talk.

After some amazing dates and realizing that Allison could be the one, I decided to take her to my cousin’s graduation party in Philadelphia where she sort of met my whole family, cousins and all, at one time. Everyone instantly bonded and my parents even asked her if she was coming to a family event the following weekend in my hometown of Harrisburg, PA. They were thrilled to hear that she was, indeed, going to be there. At this event, Allison met some of my parent’s friends and made a startling realization. We realized that Allison’s uncle and my dad’s best friend for over 35 years are first cousins and that they haven’t seen each other in over 45 years. What a small world! We couldn’t wait to set up this reunion.

After only a few more months dating, we decided to take a little vacation to meet up with one of my good friends from high school who was living in Bermuda. We had an amazing trip and on the plane ride home, I got very depressed because I realized that when this plane ride was over, we would have to go back to our weekend only relationship and I didn’t want that after spending 5 consecutive days together. It was then and there on that plane ride from Bermuda that I decided I wanted to marry her and be with her everyday.

I told my parents and they were ecstatic. My mom even set a date to come in to give me a diamond that my grandmother as well as mother wore for their engagements and has been in the family for the past 3 generations. I had to tell Allison about this so she could pick out the perfect setting. We went to the jeweler in October of 2007 and she could not have picked out a more perfect setting. The fact that it was extremely similar to my mother’s was purely coincidental. The original plan was for me to take the ring back and give it to her on a date I had planned originally to surprise her, but things did not work out that way. Before my mom was to head back to Pennsylvania, she asked Allison to try on the ring one more time before she left. I then told Allison that if she wanted to continue wearing it, that it was fine with me, or she could wait for that special surprise date that I had planned and wear it then. She decided to wait for the date I had in mind. I then went to the bathroom to get ready to go out, then my mother looked at her and yelled at her for the first and only time and apparently said, “Are you stupid, take the ring.”” The rest is history and we were officially engaged on October 20th, 2007. I always joke that my mom proposed for me on that date.

This was not the end of proposal time. I, did, indeed still had my date in mind and a major surprise set up for Allison in December. On the morning of December 15th, 2007, I took the ring back and decided to do it my way. After 20 torturous minutes of Allison looking for her ring, she finally confronted me and told me she couldn’t find the ring and I just told her that I hadn’t given it to her yet. Cruel joke, but fun to watch. She was relieved and I held on to the ring as we headed out to brunch. After brunch, we took a short walk near Gracie Mansion in New York City and by the east river, we sat on a bench and I proposed the way I intended too, on my knees and all. Yes, the tears started flowing and we had to spread the word. That night, we were supposed to only meet up with her immediate family for a typical dinner. When we arrived to the restaurant, Allison was shocked to see that both sides of our families, including Aunts, Uncles and cousins were there to celebrate with us. I had been planning this for months and now, finally we could breathe as a full- fledged engaged couple.

We picked August 17th, 2008 as our wedding date and Allison, her mother and my mother got down to work. Their work paid off and we had the most beautiful, elegant and memorable wedding one could ask for. I loved uniting all of our friends and family and reuniting family that had not seen each other in over 45 years. This wedding could not have been more special and so far our lives together have been as magical as that special day and continues to do so. Allison is still the same loving, artistic and big-hearted person I know and love. In our short time together, we have experienced many weddings, births, funerals, illnesses, joy, pain and other circumstances that is life. Having a spouse like Allison makes life better and I am excited for our future together. Thank you eHarmony. Job well done!

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