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An eHarmony Success Couple: Lori and Timothy


An eHarmony Success Couple: Lori and Timothy

Destiny. A pretty big idea… but thanks to eHarmony, my destiny found me.

I had been alone for eight months, after a bad relationship. If it hadn’t been for my work and my kids, I wouldn’t have left the house! I had a friend that had found a girlfriend on eHarmony and had encouraged me to try it. I didn’t think I was the computer dating “type” so wasn’t willing to give it a try, I wasn’t even meeting people for coffee at this point!

[object=ad_300x250_ad]The weekend before my 44th birthday, I was away for the weekend to my hometown in California. A childhood friend was there with his new wife and after spending the day with them, finally thought to ask how they had met. You guessed it… eHarmony! I thought “no way!”

When I got home I casually logged on and filled out the eHarmony questionnaire and left it alone for several days, with no real hopes in my mind. I eventually got a message on my regular e-mail to check my account and when I logged on, saw that I had several hits. The first person I looked at was “Timothy from Kirkland”. He was 6’4″, 44 years old and in law enforcement. I thought that sounded so “normal!” Not at all what I would have expected from a computer dating service!

We started corresponding through the eHarmony mail with it’s multiple choice questions…which I loved because I could stay pretty anonymous! After several days of this and becoming more intrigued, I let Timothy have my regular e-mail address. We eventually exchanged pictures (we had not posted them on our profiles) and I was so impressed to see that he was a handsome man! No 3-eyed monster or anything! I finally agreed to a phone conversation, which led to hours and hours over the course of the next three days.

When we finally met for dinner, we had an instant connection! I would definitely say “love at first sight”! The first date we had dinner out. The next date we met in Seattle and just walked around and talked and got to know each other better. The third date, I hesitantly allowed him to come to my home for dinner and to meet my teen-aged children. They loved Tim so much that they invited him back the very next night and brought all of their friends to meet him too! The fantasy ends and the real-life story begins on the fourth day after our meeting.

After dinner at my home with my Tim, my children and their friends, my 16 year old son left with his buddies and two hours later were involved in a horrific car accident. My son was helicoptered to Harbor View Medical Center with a traumatic brain injury and numerous physical injuries. Long and short of it, we were at Harborview for two weeks with my son in a coma and us not knowing what condition he would emerge. When he finally woke up, we spent another two weeks at Children’s Hospital while my son underwent intensive physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

Over the course of this long month, and the many months to follow, Timothy stood by us. Even when I told him that I wasn’t relationship material anymore… just needed to be there for my son in complete “mom mode”… that wonderful man stood by us. I remember one night, in the middle of the night after dozing in my chair watching my son… I turned around to find Timothy sleeping on the hard floor of the hospital room behind me. This amazing man added so much to the lives of myself and my two children.

After this accident and rehabilitation of my son, Tim and I married on May 30th, 2008 at my home. It was a beautiful wedding with our children and immediate family. My children adore this man and my daughter even had him come to “Dad’s weekend” at her college at Washington State University this past October.

It is so wonderful that at 44 years of age, we found the true loves of our lives. Not only is Tim the most incredible, accomplished man and wonderful romantic husband, but he is the most amazing, loving step-dad to my two teenaged children. Thank you to eHarmony for leading this incredible, accomplished, mature man to this “love-shy” woman.

I would have never thought such a thing possible! We now brag to everyone about how we met… and most of my husband’s single law-enforcement friends have signed up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this amazing service.

I truly believe in Destiny now….

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