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An eHarmony Success Couple: Laura and Russ


An eHarmony Success Couple: Laura and Russ

Russ and I have now been married for 9 months. We’ve bought our first home together, and we’re expecting our first child (due in August). Despite our physical challenges (I am in a wheelchair and Russ has limited mobility on his left side), we have built a wonderful life together. We look forward to many years together as a family.

Russ and I wanted to share our story with others, as we think it’s important that the public see a couple who found the right person, despite some physical challenges.

Russ was nearly 50, and I had just turned 39 when we matched. He had tried a number of dating services, and I had just been with eHarmony for 6 weeks. His match appeared on 8/19/06 (exactly 10 months ago), and he requested communication. With that, I responded.

Russ’ profile noted that he had a physical issue. He had (and has) limited use of his left arm, and he walks slowly. These traits are a result of surgery to prevent strokes. What I did not include in my profile, but “told” Russ in later phases of communication, was that I also had (have) a physical issue. I am in a wheelchair, due to a brittle bone disease. Knowing we had some challenges, we set out on our first date.

On that first date, Russ asked if I believed in love at first sight. My response was “no.” I told him that I thought it took time to get to know someone. Looking back, Russ says that was the moment he knew that I was different from the other women he had dated.

After our second date, Russ and I had a lengthy conversation about our physical challenges, and how we each felt about the other’s issues. We decided that we wanted to get to know each other for what we were inside. This led to our third date, after which we became inseparable. Seven and a half months after our match, we became engaged. We are now planning our April, 2008 wedding.

Russ and I would like to think that our story gives some hope to all those folks out there who may not look perfect, but who don’t want to give up the dream of finding a life partner. We are very grateful to eHarmony for helping us to find each other.

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