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An eHarmony Success Couple: Daniella and Jim

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Jim and I met during a time in both of our lives when we were both sad from recently losing a grandparent and we both didn’t think that there was a person out there for us. After many years of unsuccessful dating attempts and relationships, we weren’t sure if the ‘right’ person was even in our future.

We later found out that we each had lost a grandparent within a month of the other and we both had signed up for eHarmony within a week of the other. Both Jim and I were not into going out to bars and meeting people in the social night life network so eHarmony seemed like a good fit for the kind of person we were looking for and the individuals that we were.

Jim and I were matched up almost immediately in my signing up with eHarmony. I was doing the free trial and I did not see his picture, but I could read his profile and he sounded very interesting and reminded me a lot of my dad in the area of his interests in cars and in his ability to be handy. I thought immediately, wow, this guy sounds just right for me. I couldn’t resist signing up to see his picture and when I did I was even more pleasantly surprised that he was the type of guy that I would have usually been attracted to as well. I was very excited to see that he lived within miles of where I was living. I thought to myself, how could such a perfect guy be so close and I never knew it? All that time I had thought that there were no good guys left and here he was just five miles down the street from me.

Jim and I instantly connected through our eHarmony communication process and we went into our open communication questions which helped me to learn more about him, more that I really liked. We eventually began to realize that we had both recently lost a grandparent and we were able to truly connect and it opened up conversations about spirituality and family and things that meant a lot to both of us. We both got to a point in our emails when we were ready to speak over the phone and our first phone conversation was awesome. There was not an awkward pause or silence for the entire three hour phone conversation. It was during that conversation that we both agreed that we had to meet in person so we met for coffee the very next day.

If it weren’t for the fact that we were meeting over work lunch time, we would have probably stayed at the coffee shop and talked for hours and hours. The first meeting was great and when my best friend texted me with, “How was it?” I wrote her back and told her, “I think I just met the guy I’m going to marry.” After so many years of meeting and dating the wrong guys, she couldn’t believe the text I had just sent to her. I almost couldn’t believe it either. To instantly know after meeting someone just once? I had heard about it, but I never truly believed it and yet, here it was happening to me.

Our relationship continued to flourish and strengthen over the days, weeks, and months since that first coffee date. We realized just how simple a relationship could be even though we had both had relationships that were not so simple in the past. It was three months to our meeting that Jim met with my parents to ask their permission to marry me. We had both talked about getting married and that we know we were totally right for each other, but I never knew when that time would come. After receiving my parent’s blessing, he then asked me in front of my family for my hand in marriage. It was a beautiful and memorable moment. We began planning our wedding and scheduling our wedding date right then and there!

We couldn’t wait to get married and didn’t have a long engagement. We were engaged six months and married in October of 2008. All that time we were only 5 miles apart from each other, but we would have never met had it not been for eHarmony. We are so happy and eager to continue building a beautiful marriage and soon, start a family.

If this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eHarmony today!

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