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An eHarmony Success Couple: Ashley and Sharlisa

An eHarmony Success Couple: Ashley and Sharlisa

A 30 yr old, 5’8, Clemson grad, salesman was matched to a 5’4, 28 yr old female, University of Alabama grad, senior medical student on 2/17/08 and the sparks began! It was instant chemistry and we began our journey with the first set of questions when he hit on me 3 days after the match. My answers blew him away and from that first day and he was hooked, and of course so was I. We sent back and forth questions/must haves and started open communication within 10 days and this time I was first. The open communication turned into emails by 2/26 which turned into “lunch date” phone calls from Seneca, SC to Savannah, GA soon after. It was a rip roaring start to what became Ashley & Charlie.

I was applying for residency and decided that I needed to begin the search for that someone special to share my life, so I joined eHarmony! As a medical student it is hard to meet people since there is not a lot of free time. I wanted someone fun, adventurous, and refreshing to compliment my lifestyle. I joined in February, right around Valentine’s Day, although I was skeptical of what I would find. Ashley had been a member with some luck but he hadn’t found the perfect match until we met. Ashley was looking for someone with direction, ambition and drive.

We seemed liked perfect compliments from the start, both having attributes that the other was looking for! After many conversations we were torn to meet or not meet as I was going through the residency match and could end up in Mobile, Jacksonville, Greenville, Charleston, or Savannah! I was not only hooked on Ashley but also on Greenville and told him I was putting Greenville #1 and we wouldn’t know until March 15! We continued talking, sending pics, and growing closer and more anxious by the hour. During the match I had his number ready so I could text him the minute I knew where I would be for the next 3 yrs. We were both nervous as my residency match determined if we would actually have our first date and meet our eHarmony match. When I opened the envelope and it said Greenville, SC I felt like it was meant to be, everything was falling into place. For our first date I came to Atlanta to meet him for dinner on Easter, March 23. We were told by a stranger it wasn’t Valentine’s Day as we walked down the street in Atlanta to the restaurant, it must have been obvious that it was love at first sight. We started talking about forever by the following weekend and never looked back.

I went to Japan and China for 4 weeks in April and he called everyday to tell me he loved me! He asked me to marry him five months later at a football game. The game was the season opener and happened to be between our alma maters Clemson and Alabama at the Georgia Dome and he popped the question while tailgating. It was such a great place for us to get engaged as it represented us coming together in a different way, as rivals.

Our engagement made the local news and can be found on You Tube. It was ironic that our teams would be playing each other for the football opener when they hadn’t played each other for the past 32 years! It just seemed that throughout the past 10 months we noticed new things all the time that reinforced that we were a perfect match and meant to be.

Ashley has a Golden Retriever and I have my little 10 lbs beagle/Chihuahua mix and they even loved each other from the start! Who would have thought you could find a golden and a beagle/Chihuahua cuddled up on the floor together or in the back of the car laying as close as they can to each other. Juneau, the Golden, even taught Rubi to swim and fetch sticks at the lake!

Our love of our dogs, outdoors, water, football, and our families drew us closer over the past 10 months. The wedding is on the beach in South Carolina April 4, 2009. This Alabama girl is marrying one heck of a Clemson tiger and we would love to share our story of love at “first question set” with the world. It has been a heck of a ride since February 17, 2008 and we now are 3 months away from saying ‘I do’. We truly owe the matching system at eHarmony, thanks!

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