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An eHarmony Success Couple: Amber and Chad


An eHarmony Success Couple: Amber and Chad

Today is our first wedding anniversary! Its amazing to me how quickly time has gone by since we were matched. As I read over other success stories I have noticed the same theme- most had given up on finding that person who will change your life and make you complete.

The more obstacles you’ve had to overcome, and the more “complications” you bring to a potential relationship seems to put us into a mindset that no one will want us- no one will want to “deal with our baggage.” I remember being there. I had gotten divorced in 2005 and was a single mom of three beautiful kids. I thought I was okay being single for the rest of my life- I never wanted to get married again. My world was turned upside down when my mom died in October 2006. I realized then what my life would be like unless I changed my perspective.

My mom had always told me to sign up for eHarmony- and I had refused. Now that she was gone I figured I would try it- mainly because she couldn’t tell me “I told you” if I did find someone! On February 11, 2007 I signed up for eHarmony. I was matched with Chad on February 16, 2007. I was so hesitant to hope- he was intelligent, funny, handsome and driven. I kept thinking, “What guy who is and has all of this is going to want a single mom with three young kids?” Amazingly enough, Chad did. He has two young kids as well.

Our children get along great- they are a family now. I can honestly say Chad and I had a whirlwind romance! We met face to face on April 20, 2007 when I flew down to Colorado Springs from Alaska. We knew then that we were done looking- we had found each other. We were engaged on September 29, 2007 and married at our first home we purchased together on December 31, 2007. We did, however, have a “real” wedding in Jamaica on June 6, 2008! It was gorgeous! Chad and I were talking about our life and the past two years last night. It is amazing to us how much different our lives are- and how different we feel on our one year wedding anniversary now as compared to our first marriages. I trust Chad with my life, and more importantly with my children. He is their dad.

And I’m proud to say that Chad is in the process of adopting them to make it official! It is bittersweet, however. I wish my mom was here to meet Chad and see how happy the kids and I are- even if it meant having to tell her she was right- as usual. Thank you eHarmony. You have changed our lives immeasurably. We’re now trying for a new baby (which will bring the total to six kids!)- hopefully we’ll be emailing with another update soon!

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