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An eHarmony Success Couple: Aaron and Allison

An eHarmony Success Couple: Aaron and Allison

I’m not sure where to start, so I will jump right in. Our first date was June 16, 2007. Obviously, we met through eHarmony, but found out later that we have mutual acquaintances. It even went as far as my sister had met Allison twice before. It’s a small world. You’ll find out later why Allison is unique.

We got through the first 4 stages of communication, but never got into open communication, because my account expired. Ironically, I had resolved not to renew my account because I was not happy with the results. I’m happy NOW!

We had to complete open communication via email. We exchanged phone numbers and I called Allison. We spoke a few times and I felt a real connection. This part is up for debate because our accounts are slightly different. Most likely she is right, but I would not admit to it.

The crux of the matter is that up until this point I was completely unaware of Allison’s physical limitations. Allison was in a surfing accident that left her in a wheelchair and quadriplegic. She clearly put it in the profile, but I missed it.

Thank goodness, because I might have been shallow enough to close the match. There are theories floating around as to what happened. One such theory was temporary shielding by God, lack of attention on my part or my favorite, I was dumb founded by this blond bombshell on eHarmony I failed to see the additional information. Trust me she is H-O-T.

Back to the story, some way or another I asked about some info in our open communication that didn’t seem to make sense. She very calmly asked “Don’t you remember reading in my profile that I am quadriplegic”. To which I replied, “No, I don’t remember”. Allison’s heart sank. Up until this time she thought I was OK with her physical challenges.

Then she explained what functionality she has and how the accident happened. Then started saying, well I understand that this is a lot to take in so I will give you time to think about it. Almost as if a movie character was gracefully backing out of a room, like he just walked in something you would rather not see. To which my matter of fact response was, “I still want to go out on a date.”

We went out on our first date and I started a new job 2 days later. A month later I moved away and so began our long distance relationship. I’m sure Allison will agree that it has been a challenge to be apart. Thank goodness for free mobile to mobile minutes. I had racked up 5500 minutes a month for the first 2 months on my cell phone bill.

This was our second go-round with eHarmony. We both had done it before and my account was 10 days from expiring and I hadn’t had but one other date and tons of disappointment. Keeping up with the matches was work. Most of the time I ended up feeling rejected. If I only knew then, that I would end up with Allison, a beautiful woman both inside and out, I would have been of better cheer.

Thank you for your service. We want to inspire others to find the joy we have found.

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