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Dating in Baltimore: Guide for Baltimore Singles

by eHarmony Staff

Dating in Baltimore: Guide for Baltimore Singles

Nicknamed “Charm City”, there’s no shortage of activities for you and that special someone in Baltimore.

With a nautical feel in the air and the essence of history in most landmarks, Baltimore is a truly beautiful city that features many choices for dating. As luck would have it, this bustling metropolis is nicknamed “Charm City,” so the scales are already tipped in the dater’s favor. Combine that with these top ten tips for dating in Baltimore and you’re sure to have a great time!


1. Get Your Bearings


If you’re interested in plenty of places to visit and sights to see, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is the heart of the city. From quaint pubs and a multitude of dining choices to entertainment and fun, Inner Harbor has it all and a great view of Chesapeake Bay. Fells Point offers a great taste of history as well as excitement. With nightclubs, antique shops, saloons and more than 30 historic places of interest – Fell’s Point is a waterfront attraction for young and old alike.


If you will be visiting here on your dating adventures, time it around sunset and the beauty will knock you over. The cobblestone streets, ancient buildings, and tops of trees seem to be on fire in the bronze glow of the setting sun. It’s a wonderful time for meaningful conversation.


2. Prepare to Set Sail


Ed Kane’s water taxi is one of the greatest ways to get through and around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and it also stops at Fell’s point. Riding the taxi is an affordable alternative to transportation and you can go just about anywhere. You pay only once for a full day of riding the taxi and adult tickets will only cost you $9. If you’ll be driving, there are several managed parking facilities available, including the underground garage beneath the Gallery, which is closest to Inner Harbor. Entrances to this one are on Calvert and South Streets.


3. Dinner Date?


Baltimore features more than just seafood, though that’s the preferred flavor of many tourists and locals. Writer H.L. Mencken said, “There is a saying in Baltimore that crabs may be prepared in fifty ways and all of them are good.” In fact, every night, the Blue Sea Grill on Market Place serves up succulent seafood dishes in an elegant setting. It has great outdoor seating, but be prepared to serve up your credit card. Entrees go for around $18 to $24 each.


4. Let Your Umbrella Tag Along


Baltimore in the summer is gorgeous, but bring your umbrella. Afternoon showers are a normal event – along with morning showers and evening showers! While you probably won’t freeze in winter with the average temperatures staying above 30 degrees, it’s a damp cold so make sure you bring a thick sweater.


5. Go a Little Wild


A “daytime” date is a great chance to catch the shows at Baltimore’s National Aquarium. From an enormous “Amazon Rainforest” exhibit featuring wild birds and a natural-feeling muggy climate to more than 8,000 marine animals – it’s a great way to add some excitement to your date. Check out the underwater cameras and thrilling high-tech graphics at the dolphin show. Tickets cost $14 per adult and you’ll want to devote at least a few hours to enjoying the sights. A quick tip: the aquarium is one of Ed Kane’s water taxi stops.


6. Baltimore Night Life


If nightclubs are your thing, you can take your pick in Baltimore. Howl at the Moon nightclub at 22 Market Place is a lively and huge version of a piano bar. It features mainstream music so guests can sing along and it also provides a variety of drinks. Howl at the Moon is fast-paced and loud so the top requirement is an outgoing and open-minded personality. For another type of excitement, visit the Latin Palace on South Broadway Street. It features salsa and tango lessons and great Latin music.


7. Enjoy a Refreshing Drink


For a more laid-back time including cocktails and some of the most delicious appetizers and food, the Cosmopolitan Bar & Grill offers the chance for you and your date to get to know each other. Located on O’Donnell Street in Baltimore, the Cosmopolitan offers an exciting, boisterous time downstairs and a quiet and laid-back atmosphere upstairs. Try the blackened baby crab cakes or the stuffed martini olives while enjoying your drinks!


8. Admiral Fell Inn


If you need a great place to stay, the Admiral Fell Inn is lovely. With 80 rooms, an in-house pub called “The Point,” and valet parking – this Inn mirrors the charm of the city. The fifth floor offers a breathtaking view of the harbor, but again, you will need that wallet! For a more affordable and less fancy stay, the Ramada Limited on Baltimore National Parkway will only charge you about $70 a night. Either choice provides a great chance to freshen up before your date.


9. Bring Your Camera


Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Fell’s Point are so historic and beautiful that you will likely want to get a few great snapshots. This is especially true if you plan to visit the National Aquarium or any historical sites, art exhibits, or museums. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with asking a stranger to snap a picture of you and your date as well!


10. New Ways to Meet New Dates


If you’ve got everything but the date, there are some great ways to meet singles in Baltimore. Try “speed dating” on Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Sly Fox Pub and the Blue Gin. Allow your hobbies to lead you to love by visiting places you enjoy and talking to new people. With the multitude of art exhibits, live music and entertainment shows and activities in Baltimore – chances are you will charm someone in no time!

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