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What We’ve Learned About Love From ‘Friends’

By eHarmony Staff

friends nbc

“How you doin’?”

Eight years after its final season, “Friends” still has plenty to offer, love lessons-wise. Next time you’re watching late-night reruns of the beloved ‘90s sitcom, consider some of the simple relationship advice the show has to offer:

What we’ve learned about love from “Friends”:

There’s a match for everyone.

Quirky, needy, nerdy, and bossy characters all found their better halves by the end of the series. Sure, some characters endured more traumatic love-life roller coasters than others, but, in the end, everyone found their match.

It’s never hopeless.

The show was filled with failed relationships, divorce, loneliness, unemployment, and rejection. Phoebe once lived on the streets. Chandler endured a streak of bad luck with relationships. Still, every character rose above their sad circumstances and thrived in the end, career-wise and relationship-wise.

You’re together or you aren’t.

Learn from the mistakes of others. (We’re looking at you, Ross and Rachel.) You’re never “on a break.” You’re either a couple or you aren’t. Undefined middle ground only breeds insecurity, frustration and heartbreak.

Evaluate why you want to get married before you do.

Season one opened with Rachel deciding (wisely) not to marry Barry Farber. Ross’ string of divorces were a what-not-to-do lesson in tying the knot. Jumping into marriage is rarely recommended, especially when it’s in an effort to get over an ex.

Know what you want.

Monica and the much-older Richard Burke end their relationship when Monica realizes she wants kids — and can’t settle down with someone who doesn’t. Despite the momentary heartache, it was the right decision to end things. Monica soon finds love with Chandler, with whom she eventually adopts a baby.

Sometimes “friends first” works.

See Chandler and Monica.

Sometimes “friends first” doesn’t work.

See Joey and Rachel. After years of friendship, Rachel was unable to see Joey as anything more than a good pal.

Love is tough. Work at it.

The ongoing Ross/Rachel saga is an often-frustrating lesson in perseverance. Viewers knew they should be together from the very beginning. It wasn’t until both characters became stubborn enough to fight for the relationship that they were able to make it work.

You’ll always need your friends.

The show opened with six friends and ended with six friends. The ensemble cast carried each other through the ups and downs of life, celebrating the good times, consoling each other during moments of grief and heartache.

Don’t let your relationship exclude the friends who are always in your corner.

What are your fave moments from the show?

 Images courtesy: Warner Brothers

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