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What we can Learn from our Pets

by eHarmony Staff

What we can Learn from our Pets

They are our silent companions, some of the best friends we’ll ever have. We dote on them, we baby them. Some of us even dress them up and send them to the spa. You guessed it: we’re talking about our pets.

Pets act as our sidekicks, mood-enhancers, and Frisbee partners. Sure we love them, but what can we learn from them?

1) Not to Hold a Grudge

When’s the last time you got into a fight with your dog and the two of you ignored each other for three days? Probably never, as our pets teach us to get over our problems quickly so that we can get on with the good stuff: loving each other (oh yeah, and food). After engaging in a grudgeless match devoid of jealousy, hatred, or greed, our pets forget the squabble right away. They don’t pout or sulk (much). It’s all of these emotions that make us human, but we could take a tip from our pets’ laid-back attitudes.

2) Take It Easy

Have you ever seen a stressed-out golden retriever? Because they’ve got very little going on and little to worry about, tended pets are generally pretty relaxed. Take a cue from these easy riders. The next time you have the urge to lie down and you see your cat curled up on the bed or sprawled out on the porch in the sunshine, go do it. It feels good and your blood pressure will plummet.

3) Life Is Short

Relative to your own, the life of your pet is short. When pets pass away, they take a piece of our heart. When you think about your pet, don’t you want to give him or her the best life possible? Why not treat yourself the same way? Exercise, eat well, spend time with loved ones, and be sure to do the things in life that you enjoy. Nap throughout the day or lie in the sun. Life’s not all about the hustle and bustle and what you can accomplish.

4) Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Ask any pet owner about her pet and we bet she’ll come up with a funny story. Even when we’re mad at them, pets provide us with the best entertainment. So maybe your cat just swallowed 16 feet of dental floss or Fido chewed up your new boots. Once you’re over the initial shock or anger of the situation, you can’t help but find it amusing.

5) Loyalty

As a constant companion, your pet cheers you up when you are down, is there when you are lonely, and greets you with a purr or a wag when you come home. With a trusting heart that inspires devotion from the start, your pet’s unconditional love should remind you of the important things in life. Animals don’t judge us or wish that we were smarter, richer, or better looking. They just want to be loved.

6) Learn New Things

Most pets can be trained to learn new tricks. The more you teach them and the more you reward their actions, the more tricks they can perform. Humans respond similarly: as a willing student, you can learn, advance, and develop new talents. So try something different and take a yoga class, read the classics, or try surfing the waves. It may take a little practice to learn some new tricks, but it will be worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

Oftentimes, our pets can teach us the kind of compassion that we don’t always extend to our fellow human beings. Our furry friends let things go, forgive and forget, and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. They love innocently and completely without expectation.

Pet lovers make great partners because they have the capacity to be sensitive, as well as responsible for another living thing. So, whether you are dating an animal lover or can’t be without your own four-legged friend, pay attention to the cues from these members of the family.

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