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Top 5 Hot Singles Winter Getaways

by Lisa Steadman, Relationship Author

Top 5 Hot Singles Winter Getaways

‘Tis the season to celebrate being single! While your married with children friends are stuck at home trying to figure out how to assemble their kids’ Christmas presents, you are footloose and fancy free to get away from it all. Whether warmer climates beckon, an adventure on the high seas sparks your interest, or you simply want to slip away for a few days, there’s definitely a destination for you. In case you’re overwhelmed by all the winter getaway choices, I did a little homework and found the top five hot singles getaways this season. And now, for your reading pleasure…

Getaway #1: Set Sail on a Singles Cruise
Once upon a time, cruises catered to couples and families, with romantic dinners, family-oriented activities, endless buffets, etc. Those days are over, my friends. All you have to do is Google “singles cruises” to see just how many cruises there are celebrating the single life. Love the idea of snorkeling, scuba diving, and/or hiking in the rain forest alongside your fellow single adventurers? Looking to relax poolside with other single sun worshipers? And what about the never-ending nightlife on board a singles cruise — the dining, dancing, live music, etc.? If the idea of setting sail in the company of like-minded singles appeals to you, then climb aboard this winter for destinations both known (sunnier climates) and unknown (a possible romantic rendezvous?).

Getaway #2: Hit the Slopes, Singles-Style
Listen up, ski bunnies and other snow worshipers. One of the hottest singles spots this winter is the ski slope, of course! Whether you snowboard, ski, or spend your day lounging in the lodge, there’s no better place to meet like-minded singles than on a singles ski trip. All it takes is a little research to locate an organized singles ski weekend in your area or bound for your fave snowy slope. Recruit a friend or two to join you or make it a solo ski vacay — you decide. Then pack your parka, load up the skis, and board a bus for a few days of snow, sun, and fun!

Getaway #3: The Girl Getaway
Listen up, ladies. With girl getaways increasing in popularity, what better time to take a trip with your best gal pals than this winter? Of course, you first have to decide where to go, and that all depends on your interests. Are you and your friends fanatical about art, wine, and/or culture? Then plan your trip accordingly to include museums, wine tastings, and nightlife in Paris, Provence, or Milan. Would you and your posse prefer to get pampered? If so, a spa getaway complete with massages, mani-pedis, and facials should do the trick. Or do you and your girlfriends share a passion for fashion? Then perhaps a shopping spree weekend in New York City is the getaway for you. Regardless of how you and your friends decide to spend your vacation this winter, by spending it together celebrating your fabulous single gal selves, a good time will be had by all. And of course, if you fit in some nightlife complete with a little flirting with local single guys, all the better!

Getaway #4: The Guy Getaway
OK, guys, wish you didn’t have to give up your golf game during the winter? Now you don’t have to. This winter, the hottest single guy getaway lets you not only “get away from it all” but improve your golf game as well. If this sounds like a win-win, then a golf school vacation is the ideal guy getaway for you and your buds. Of course, since you’re single and ready to mingle, golf shouldn’t be the only thing on the agenda. Therefore, you’ll want to find a resort golf school like the Nicklaus/Flick Game Improvement School in Scottsdale or the Advantage Golf School (various locations throughout Arizona) that also features plenty of other entertainment in the surrounding area, including a happening nightlife. Play golf by day, meet beautiful single women by night — what could be better? Be sure to book in advance, as these guy getaways are becoming increasingly popular.

Getaway #5: The Do-Gooder Getaway
This holiday season, nothing would be sexier than to do something good for others. And if you’re single, why not combine your free time with a do-gooder getaway, a.k.a. a volunteer vacation? Nothing will make you feel more fulfilled than dedicating your vacation time to a cause near and dear to your heart. From helping to build a school or home in a needy community to swimming with endangered dolphins to record their behavior to tutoring orphaned children, giving back to others this winter is SO the thing to do. Plus, you never know who you might meet. A fellow sexy single with a charitable side? Score! To find out about volunteer vacation programs, visit

So there you have it — the top five hot getaways for savvy singles this winter. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your single and ready-to-mingle self, simply want to get away from it all with your friends, or feel the need to do something good for others, there’s definitely a destination to fulfill your winter wishes.

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