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Top 10 Ways To Become An Evolved Man

By David DeAngelo, author of the best-selling eBook and free “Dating Secrets” newsletter

Top 10 Ways To Become An Evolved Man

Do you want to start attracting amazing women – and ultimately find the perfect match for the long term? The key is rising above all the guys competing for her attention by coming across as far more “evolved” than they are. Here are ten fast, easy ways to do it.

1. Stop Apologizing
Most guys who have challenges with women and dating feel they need to apologize for everything they do that other people don’t like. But if you make it a rule to simply stop apologizing for everything, over time you’ll build a stronger self-image, take more responsibility in your life, and let other people have their judgments without affecting you. Then you’ll be able to see when it’s truly appropriate to apologize. You’ll enjoy a nice boost to your personal power – and your ability to attract quality women.

2. Stop Seeking Approval
People who seek approval are constantly doing things so that other people will accept them. They’re looking for cues to see if people approve of them, and they continually change their behavior to what they think other people will like. They end up wearing out their welcome and being needy – which absolutely KILLS attraction. Most guys do this and they don’t even know it. Looking for the approval of women is like a drug – the more you get, the more you want, the worse it gets…and the less attractive you become. When you catch yourself seeking approval, shift gears and do something else.

3. Stop Giving Approval To Get It
Almost all of us guys do this one. If we find a woman we really like, we think if we let her do whatever she wants and get away with anything, she’ll love us and stay with us. In other words, we give approval in order to get it. There’s just one problem – it’s manipulative and will almost always backfire. If you’re not successful with women, you’re probably doing a LOT of manipulative things you’re not aware of. Just because you’re sweet and nice doesn’t obligate her to be sweet and nice back. Dating doesn’t work that way.

4. Surround Yourself With Successful Models
If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful models. One of the miracles of technology is we can buy an audio or video recording, put on headphones, and hear or watch the teachings of experts around the world…both living and dead. Take 30 minutes a day to listen or watch a master of success, like Brian Tracy or Napoleon Hill, and your life will be transformed in a year. Try it.

5. Know Your Purpose In Life
The incredible number of choices we have nowadays is a blessing – but it’s also a boat anchor tied around our neck and we’re trying to swim. Confucius said, “Man who chases two rabbits catches none.” Exactly. We have so many options that most of us are confused about what path to take. We haven’t taken the time to sit down, block out all distractions, and figure out what our own life purpose is. I believe you CAN find your purpose for your life, and clarify it over time. The more you act on it, the clearer it will become…and the BIGGER it’ll become. If you don’t know your purpose, go lock yourself in a room with a pad of paper and a pen and don’t do anything until you figure it out. Eventually it’ll come to you. Few guys know that this is one of the most important things you can do to become incredibly attractive to women.

6. Travel
If you’re not regularly getting outside the little bubble you live in, you’re limiting yourself and your perspective. When you expose yourself to new places, people, and ideas, it’ll expand your mind and your view on things. I personally believe if everyone in the world could travel twice a year to far away countries, sit down with the people there and share a few meals, it would do a world of good. The more you travel and expand your mind, the more interesting a person you become and the more attractive you become to women.

7. Focus On Your Inner Game
Because we are so instant-gratification-minded as humans, we think techniques with women are where it’s at. But the truth is this – when you work on your inner game and learn the deeper principles at work, you’ll pick up the techniques along the way. If you learn from someone who just knows the tricks, when you get into real-world situations you won’t know when or how to use them when the situation changes. But if you hang out with more evolved masters who teach you the principles, it may take a bit longer, but you’ll see how the techniques fit into the bigger picture. You’ll be much better at executing the technique – and you’ll be much more successful.

8. Accept Anxiety
Anxiety happens whenever we’re taking on something new and need to become a beginner again. But when you’re willing to try new things – and even look silly for awhile – you’ll be able to see things with new eyes and it’ll bring tremendous benefit to your life.

9. Enjoy The Process Of Learning
I think it’s a tragedy that many people think school is so boring. We have so much pain attached to the learning process, that as soon as we get out of school we never want to learn anything again. But if you learn how to love the process of learning even more than WHAT you’re learning, you’ll spend the rest of your life learning new things and growing as a man. Continually look for new things to learn – and in the process you’ll meet women who love learning too.

10. Teach Others What You Learn Immediately
If you learn something great, the first order of business is to go teach it to as many people as you can. There’s something about teaching that makes the learning “stick.” If someone teaches you something and then you go teach it so someone else, it gets internalized deep within you. You’ll “get it” much faster. Teach others every great thing you learn, immediately. Then when you need it in the future, it will pop up for you automatically. Women will notice, believe me.

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