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The Singles Guide to Travel

Sponsored by Air New Zealand

The Singles Guide to Travel

You want to take a vacation, but are lacking what you think may be a necessary ingredient – a traveling companion. It’s time to put that old thinking aside and book that flight to your dream destination – as more singles than ever are traveling solo and loving every minute of what becomes a very freeing experience. The only person you have to worry about is you!

Here are some easy traveling tips for the single adventurer:

1. Keep it Simple
Vacation is supposed to be an escape from daily stressors. Plotting out a complicated, multi-destination agenda always ups the pressure factor, from time constraints and deadlines to airport chaos and being in unfamiliar territories – especially if this is your first solo excursion and you have limited time. Pick just one or two places to visit and enjoy your time there – soaking in the new environment, the culture, the people and everything else it has to offer.

2. Flexibility = More Fun
Even with the most comprehensive planning, real life can jostle the program. You may be presented with some surprises and bumps in the road, but learn to roll with it. After all, one of the best parts of traveling is the adventure of it all. You never know what’s going to happen—that’s what makes it fun!

3. Group Activities
Whether its river rafting or a snorkeling excursion, signing up for guided, group activities is one of the best ways to meet fellow travelers (and other singles!). When couples travel, often times their interactions with others is minimal. As a carefree single – you are likely to meet some really interesting people and make friends all over the map!

4. Online Investigation
Wondering where the local hotspots are in Sedona, AZ? Let the Internet be your ultimate travel companion. From sites like Yelp to our very own metro dating guides, you can learn valuable insights into your destination within seconds.

5. Keep an Open Mind
A willingness to keep an open mind is crucial when hitting the open road. People aren’t always going to be polite, your accommodations may be less than perfect, and you may get lost a couple of times. If you can keep an open mind about a place despite these mishaps, you’ll have a much better time!

Happy Travels!


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