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The Single Man’s Guide to Style

by eHarmony Staff

From jeans and shoes to your attitude, we’ve got some specific fashion advice for you, single guy!

Quality Over Quantity

When it’s all said and done, there are relatively few items of clothing that a man needs. Probably less than thirty. But the quality of each item should be top notch. So rather than going out and collecting 10 pairs of khaki pants, just buy one really good one. People notice quality.

The Law of Blue Jeans

The law goes like this – You can either buy $150 jeans that look good from the moment you buy them, or you can buy $50 blue jeans and put forth a little effort to look great in them. You cannot buy $50 jeans that look good on you from the moment you buy them, no matter what Brett Favre says. Before you scoff at spending lots of money on jeans, consider that many men will spend $300 on a blazer that they wear six times a year. Most guys live in their jeans. Isn’t it a fair investment?

Let Women Wear the Bright and Bold Colors

Women can look great in bright and outlandish colors. You’re a man. You don’t sport electric lavender shirts or yellow blazers. You might on occasion wear a bright tie, but only in the daytime. You want grays, navy blues, neutrals and dark greens. There are men who can pull off a bright orange shirt, but the degree of difficulty is very high.

Fashion is beneath you. Style is the goal.

Style is about looking happy in your wardrobe. Style is about looking like you care enough to dress with some thought, but not a lot of thought. Fashion is disposable. A stylish man can most likely wear his high quality clothes for decades to come.

We know it hurts, but buy some good shoes.

Yes, you can go and buy a pair of dress shoes for $150. They will have poor quality rubber soles and be made out of second rate leather. They’ll look pretty bad and in eight months, they’ll be ready for the garbage. Over the course of a decade you’ll spend $1500 on these terrible shoes. Of course, you could go and buy one pair of American made unbelievably high quality dress shoes for about $500. These shoes can be resoled over and over again. If you like, you can be buried in these shoes because they will look great as long as you do. Also, WOMEN NOTICE GOOD SHOES. That’s one of their gauges of a man's attention to detail.

The ‘Short’ End of the Stick

Before we go into the most stylish kicks and attitudes you can possibly convey, there are a few don’ts we feel it is our duty to pass along in the fashion arena. On the “do not wear” list: cut off shorts, jean shorts, short shorts, muscle shirts, tie-dye anything or any sort of tight or snugly fitting jeans or pants.

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