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Ten Things I Can’t Live Without

By Jeannie Assimos, Managing Editor, eHarmony Advice

Love is so much bigger than romance. We thought it was important to celebrate all of the types of love in our lives. From Deepak Chopra to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, read on as some of the most inspirational (and coolest!) people we know share the things they just can’t live without. Ten things, to be exact (in most cases!).

Brett Eldredge, Country Singer

1. Family
2. Songwriting
3. Goofing off
4. Random adventures
5. Fishing
6. Guitar
7. Blue water
8. White sand
9. Positive vibes
10. Twitter

Brett Eldredge's new album Bring You Back is out right now!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

1. My connection to my I AM PRESENCE
2. My eight children
3. My twin soul
4. Swimming daily in the ocean
5. My yoga practice
6. Playing with children
7. Touching other people's lives
8. Meditating every day
9. Writing
10. A bowl of fresh berries with almond milk and banana

Learn about Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifesting.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Host of The Dr. Oz Show

1. My wife Lisa and our four kids
2. Scalpel -- being in the OR is what grounds me.
3. Nuts, specifically raw walnuts and cashews -- you can find them stashed in my briefcase.
4. Greek yogurt with blueberries for breakfast.
5. My MacBook Air -- I rarely leave home without it.
6. Basketball -- I love to play on the weekends.
7. Pistachio ice guilty pleasure.
8. Zegna suits...I love the way they fit.
9. Multivitamins -- just in case!
10. My yoga mat. It’s easy to carry around and keeps me limber.

The Dr. Oz Show airs weekdays (check local listings).

Tony and Sage Robbins, Bestselling Authors, Entrepeneurs and Life Strategists

1. Our love, our passion, our marriage, our friendship -- we live to be with each other.
2. Our children, grandchildren, family and dear friends, and the love that we all share.
3. Our mission of making a difference, creating breakthroughs and changing lives worldwide.
4. Our absolute faith in knowing that God's grace guides all of our actions.
5. Joy and laughter
6. The power to create
7. Immeasurable gratitude
8. The oceans of the Fiji Islands and the mountains of Sun Valley Idaho
9. The power and gift of music
10. A life of meaning that comes from learning, growing and constantly contributing to the lives of people, and the world around us.

Watch Tony and Sage's advice about finding love, created exclusively for eHarmony singles here!

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Bestselling Author of 'Super Brain'

1. Love
2. Joy
3. Creativity
4. Imagination
5. Family
6. Friendship
7. Wonder
8. Meditation
9. Play
10. Exercise

A few bonus things Deepak can't live without!

11. Eyeglasses from my grandchildren
12. My cell phone
13. My Dream Weaver
14. Ginger tea
15. My red shoes from Peach's Neet Feet

Learn more about Deepak's latest NY Times bestseller Super Brain.

Suze Orman, Financial Guru and Host of The Suze Orman Show

1. Seeing the sun rise and the sun set
2. Honesty
3. Warm weather
4. Being out at sea
5. KT
6. People
7. Drinking water
8. Faith that everything happens for the best.
9. Love
10. Money

Learn more about The Suze Orman Show, including her Personal Finance 101 - coming this spring!

Dr. Drew Pinsky, Host of Dr. Drew on Call, Celebrity Rehab and Loveline

1. Dinner with my wife
2. Visiting my triplets at their college campuses
3. My skill and training that allows me to be of meaningful service to others.
4. iTunes U
5. The gym in my garage (man cave)
6. Central Park in early spring
7. Metropolitan Museum
8. My iPhone 5
9. Starbucks coffee
10. Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Drew on Call airs on HLN at 9 pm ET/PT Mon, Tues and Weds. His syndicated radio show Loveline airs nationally 10 pm Midnight Sunday through Thursday nights. Dr.Drew's new Podcast is available on iTunes via

Miss Robbie Montgomery, Star of Welcome to Sweetie Pie's on OWN

1. Prayer
2. My family
3. Shopping
4. My desserts -- chocolate pie is my favorite!
5. Blessings
6. Warm weather
7. My customers, who I can't live without, and all my employees who keep my Sweetie Pie's restaurants running!
8. Dancing
9. My cursing (kidding!)
10. People with a sense of humor

Miss Robbie Montgomery is owner of Sweetie Pie's soul food restaurants in St. Louis and star of Welcome to Sweetie Pie's on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Thandie Newton, Actress

"The honest answer to that is I try to meditate on being able to live without everything. I think that is an important statement (and way) to finding yourself.

"Having traveled in India and Africa and seen people who have so little, and how grateful they are, and that life is privileged still without...we have too much. Life is random and chaotic and I am just grateful for right now!"

Thandie Newton is starring in DirecTV's first original show, "Rogue," premiering April 3rd.

Ken Wingard, Architect, Designer and Star of Home Made Simple on OWN

1. My husband and our daughter
2. Homemade peach jam on warm biscuits
3. A table saw and nail gun -- you can build anything.
4. My sketch book and pencil
5. The America's Test Kitchen Cookbook -- I don't even crack my other ones anymore.
6. Walnut -- it's the perfect color wood.
7. My truck -- it's amazing how much stuff I haul around.
8. Hammock napping -- give me a summer breeze and 20 minutes.
9. Peanut butter -- Skippy, smooth please!
10. The color orange

Watch Ken Wingard on OWN's Home Made Simple airing Saturdays at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Constance Marie, Actress

1. My daughter would have to be number one. If my daughter is happy and healthy, that is number one.
2. Chocolate...that is my drug of choice.
3. My Man -- (laughs) he is after chocolate!
4. My Dogs
5. Acting, dancing -- a way to express myself.
6. Exercise -- it really helps ground me.
7. Water
8. Sleep -- maybe we should bump that one up. I haven't gotten too much of it lately.
9. Chocolate...can I put it on the list again?
10. Health -- If you are not healthy, you are screwed!

Constance Marie is currently starring in "Switched at Birth," airing on ABC Family Mondays at 8/7c.

What are the things you cannot live without? Please share!

Marie Forleo, Host of & Founder of B-School

1. Josh Pais, my man and Kuma, my pup (a.k.a. LOVE!)
2. Sunshine
3. Hip-hop music
4. My team, company and global community
5. Rollercoasters
6. Italian food
7. Zombie movies
8. Books
9. Tweezers
10. Concealer

Learn more about Marie, her award-winning show MarieTV, and upcoming offerings at

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