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Ten Pickup Lines for the Gym

By eHarmony Staff

pickup lines for the gym

You’re there to work out. Period. But should a cute stranger start pumping iron beside you three times a week, here are 10 pickup lines to help break the ice — and maybe score you a date on Friday night.

1. Volunteer to spot — or request a spotter. Keep things gym-related and offer to participate in the object of your infatuation’s workout. Just be sure to keep all feedback positive. Don’t criticize form until he/she asks for pointers.

2. If you’re the new one at the gym, ask your crush for advice on the facility’s fitness classes or recommendations for a local club — and then playfully challenge him/her to participate in an upcoming race or 12-week bootcamp with you.

3. Be honest: “Hi. You’re new, right? Let me be the first guy to bug you.”

4. Playful competition is a gym-approved strategy for getting someone’s attention. If you find yourself on the treadmill next to that cute stranger, challenge her to a race. “Loser plans our first date.”

5. Opt for patience. If pickup lines aren’t your thing — and you’d prefer to have someone warm up to your charming self prior to your date proposal — make sure you’re friendly when your paths do cross. Smile. Say hello. After a few hellos, introduce yourself. Engage in small talk.

6. Embrace the cheesy lines: “You should probably leave. You’re making the other girls look bad.” Or: “Do you take the karate class here? ‘Cause your body’s really kickin’.”

7. Strategically transition from small talk to date night: “I should be working out right now, but I’m talking to you. Wanna catch a movie?”

8. Sign up for a yoga or spinning class and strike up a conversation with the attractive stranger who knows what he/she is doing: “I’m dying here. How long did it take you to master this stuff?”

9. Make him/her smile: If you catch your crush looking your way, start counting your reps aloud: “Nine hundred ninety-nine, one thousand…”

10.  If you’re a new member, ask the cute gym veteran where the water fountain is. “The next drink’s on me.”

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