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Stressed Out? Take this Test

by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Ph.D.

Stressed Out? Take this Test

Don’t want to wait? Click here to see if your stress is in check. 

Every day each of us gets out of bed and we’re bombarded by the needs of those around us. Our family, friends, co-workers and even the barista at the coffee shop each need us to behave and respond in prescribed ways. Most of the time we don’t even notice these ‘demands’ on us; it’s part of our social make-up to respond to those around us. We even make dozens of ‘demands’ or requests of others each day. We lead full lives and many of us feel connected to those around us and enjoy being part of a larger community. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that many of us try to keep up with the increasing external demands made on us by shrinking our own personal relaxation time and activities. These personal activities are essential for us to manage stress. For some of us it’s playing basketball or tennis with friends. For others it’s a night on the town not exactly being kind to ourselves. Getting. Whatever your personal recharging needs are, when you put them to the side, you create a serious imbalance in your life.

This is bound to happen to each of us now and again and we may feel a bit frantic for a few weeks, and then things return to normal. If, however, things don’t let up, then our stress-level rises and it begins to affect us physically. The medical community has recognized varied impacts of stress from depression to ulcers, increased heart disease and even cancer. When people are stressed over an extended period of time, their medical care spending rises by 50%.

eHarmony Labs has come up with a simple way to assess your stress-relaxation balance with it’s Life-Balance Meter. Just answer a brief series of questions and get your assessment with a personal recommendation on how you can maximize your quality of life.

Click here to take the quiz.

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