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Stereotyping: Top Ten User Comments

by eHarmony Staff

Stereotyping: Top Ten User Comments

Stereotyping has been a hot topic of conversation lately on the boards. Here are the ten smartest, most insightful or our just plain favorite comments regarding the subject from you — the Advice Community.

CrystalJourneys: “Let go of the stereotype to find the person! While you’re so busy assuming things, you’re missing out on truth! Every person, male and female, is different! Just like the old addage – “Dont judge a book by its cover” – don’t assume, because you make an a** out of you…maybe not me lol”

IceCream Moon: “Debunking stereotypes is never easy but it is possible. If it wasn’t, Obama woud never be elected President, and I would be at home doing laundry and baking dinner every evening, instead of having a successful and fulfilling career. Education is key though. When enough people recognize the need for change, it happens.”

Little Blue Monkey Mind: “For instance, if as a woman I continually pursue men who are the perceived “ideal” (by general assumption, not by my own standards) of tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, and I am continually being rejected … I then translate that to mean that men don’t choose me because they want women who look like models…the fault lies not with men but with my own image of myself, of my values in mate selection, and of my own limitations in terms of being open to the possibilities.”


legend29: “Gender wars????…..I hate that term…but suspect that it is just a term, because children are born every day, and marriages are formed all the time; thus men and women must be getting along and being civil sometimes!”

sabete2002: “Yes, men and women are different. We are also a lot alike. I choose to celebrate the differences. Vive la difference!”

Harry G: “We as individuals are complex and unique. As such we cannot be classified that easily. For those who wish to throw generalizations around rather than open dialogue, this little statement is unnerving. If we remember that each one of us CANNOT be categorized, that may open the lines of communication.”

D_Lion: “Though some people take exceptions to hearing ‘men all want good-looking women,’ there will be men who participate in those threads to confirm that, for them, they do exactly that. I think there is value in welcoming all input, because, while ‘looking for less shallow men’ may be appealing to some as a matter of personal values, ‘taking steps to improve your appearance’ is also a strategy one could use.”

Jacquesne: “The fact is that we all have a gender and I personally believe people should be proud of that gender. If women weren’t women I wouldn’t be so hopelessly obsessed with them. Sometimes the idea of ‘diversity’ comes to a point where people start believing that any admittance of differences is creation of stereotypes. I don’t believe that. I believe that diversity is accepting that people are different and learning from those differences…”

tbesq: “That said, men and women are different. What attracts men and women to their mates is not the same. What offends men and women is not the same. How men and women communicate, and resolve conflict in general, is not the same. And how men and women deal with subjects most sensitive to each respective gender is not the same. These are all things to keep in mind…”

Bandmate: “I saw a bumper sticker once that said…’You are a unique creation of God…just like everybody else.'”

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