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Single Dads: Top Ten User Comments

Single Dads: Top Ten User Comments

Smooshed Fruit: “I’m a believer that you should not bring someone you’re dating around your children until you are certain that they are going to be around for a long time.”


JoyfulGirl75: “There’s no greater turn on than a man who is a natural with children.”


west1745: “I think a single dad brings a better perspective to the table – because he understands what it is like to have to put someone else ahead of himself.”


pinz:  “If a single dad stood before me today and said, ‘How about a date sweet cakes?’ I’d probably say, ‘Yes, honey pie,’ and would go forward with both eyes wide open, listening & learning.”


sillymama: “I think single fathers can often appreciate my day-to-day life, school, soccer madness, homework, and the need to unwind when our precious little monsters are in the safe comforting home of someone else — LOL.”


wishbone: “I NEVER Feel STUCK !!! with my kids. They are the Greatest Gifts from God that anyone could ever dream of.”


LizziePooh: “Be on the lookout for people that still aren’t over their ex’s but give the single dads a chance. Just make sure that if you are going to have an LTR with a single dad that you really love the kid too.”


blrdancer: “All you can do is keep trying — any woman that doesn’t want to spend time with the kids is ultimately not going to be the right one for you.”


OverAnalyzer: “I was not a big dater while I was raising them because I wanted them and felt they were my priority. Some thought I shouldn’t have put my life on hold but I never felt that way at all. Sure it was tough and at times I wondered what ever gave me the idea that I could parent, but I did and we got through it and I have a great relationship with them both and would not trade that at all.”


HonorD: “I crave more time with my children but most courts will not award custody to the father unless the mother is unfit. I would have fought for full custody but that would have been a huge strain on finances with a low chance of success. Pls don’t close your mind to single dads who don’t have sole custody. Some of us are victims of circumstance and the legal system.”


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