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Paul Tacorian: What I’ve Learned About Love

By eHarmony Staff

Paul Tacorian: What I've Learned About Love

King of bling Paul Tacorian, of the famed Tacori jewelry, is around couples in love all the time. Here he shares his observations about happy relationships, engagements and platinum – of course!

eH: You are around happy couples all of the time – what do you think the most important ingredients are for a successful long-term relationship

PT: The key to a long-term, successful relationship is being with a person who is your best friend. Someone that understands you and appreciates all of the quirky things you do.  I would look at it like this — how would you feel if you were the last two people on earth? Can you see yourself totally happy without anyone else to talk to and be with? Then you have a good start to it all.

eH: Have you ever seen red flags in couples you have met with? If so, what are they?

PT: Not communicating! If a prospective groom comes in to select a ring for his intended fiancée and doesn’t know her style, or her expectations…it can potentially mean that he doesn’t know her as well as he should, or perhaps that she hasn’t communicated enough with him to express her desires. Lack of communication about the ring can also mean that the couple hasn’t spoken about marriage, or expectations of a life together – and this could potentially be a red flag.  We firmly believe that full and clear communication between a couple is the best way to ensure a healthy, lasting relationship…and in this case, it does start with communication about the engagement ring.

eH: What do you think about couples who get married after only dating a few months? 

PT: Hey, it doesn’t take long to be sure about the person you are with….I knew the second my wife walked into the room. As long as they are being honest with each other about who they are, then love at first sight is definitely possible. 

eH: To you, happiness comes from…

PT: Being with someone I love and can spend my life with, good health, having an amazing group of friends, and the best family in the world.

eH: Real success to you means…

PT: Being able to be passionate about what we do every day. We at Tacori are passionate about creating the most beautiful and unique ring designs – and we feel like our designs resonate with this passion, and into the person who wears our pieces. When you put passion into your work (or a relationship) – this has tangible results that can be felt.  

eH: What advice do you have for a guy wanting to get the perfect engagement ring? How does he choose which ring is the right ring?

PT: While you’re selecting an engagement ring, you want to make sure that it represents your girlfriend’s style. Consider what she’s like: Is she active? Is she fashion forward? Is she stylish? Does she have classic tastes? We believe that in the majority of cases, your girlfriend wants to have a say in the style of ring she is going wear. Remember, she will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, every day. 

eH: Does it always have to be a diamond engagement ring? 

PT: Not always, the ring is the symbol of your commitment and a ring on that finger is what identifies one as being married. 

eH: Which do you prefer – platinum or white gold?

PT: Always platinum, it looks better and feels better in platinum. At Tacori, we are primarily designers in platinum, which has to do with the purity and versatility of platinum, as well as its naturally white metallurgical properties. 

eH: Any creative ideas for proposals you have heard of or can share?

PT: My own! We were on a train from Los Angeles going up to the wine country. I pulled out an old journal that I used to write short stories about our first maybe 20 dates. We started reading the stories and reminiscing of the days when we first met. After reading all the stories, I told her I wanted to write a new one about the trip we were on so she could read it back to me…at the end of that story, I asked her to marry me. She was totally surprised — and said yes.  

Come up with something creative and distinctly you. Do something that’s memorable and suitable, because this will become the “proposal story” that you, and she, will be telling for the rest of your lives.

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