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Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Jeannie Assimos, Managing Editor, for our sponsor, Tacori

Have fun this heartfelt holiday by honoring those you love. From the creative to the crafty, we’re sharing our favorite tokens of affection.

The Way to a Man's Heart...

is definitely through his stomach, especially if you bake this vanilla cake with cocoa frosting and a raspberry heart. A thoughtful gesture like this is sweet, memorable and just delicious. You can't go wrong!

Make a Statement

Hunter boots are all the rage for fashion gals everywhere. If she's into boots, she might just love this sexy, red sentiment. Oh, and they have them in pink too!

For Mr. & Ms. Practical

You also can't go wrong by appealing to someone's love for gadgets. Protect the beloved iPhone with this Evouni leather arc cover. Nice, right?

We would love to hear your favorite ideas for Valentine's day. How have you made it memorable?

Picture Perfect

Challenge yourself this Valentine's Day to get a little creative - venturing into the realm of "DIY" (do-it-yourself!). There is something extra heartwarming about homemade gifts. We adore this canvas portrait gift idea from A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Fortune Cookies

This is the sweetest way we could imagine to tell a loved one how you feel - inside their very own homemade fortune cookies. This step-by-step guide for how to make them is genius - this is the type of sentiment someone never forgets. Just try not to burn them!

A Meal to Remember

I think most of us feel that going out for dinner on Valentine's Day is overrated...not to mention overpriced. Why not take the homecooked meal up a notch by ordering something fantastic - like these lobster pot pies - to create an amazing meal at home? The other option - ordering in from your love's favorite eatery and just enjoying a nice, quiet experience for the two of you.

Pumped Up Kicks

Converse is brilliant. You can actually create and design your own pair of kicks. If your guy is a shoe fanatic, this is sort of the perfect present. By the way, Urban Outfitters is doing the same thing - but with t-shirts!

Passion Play

Celebrate a milestone Valentine's day with a monumental gift from the dreamy designs of Tacori. These stunning, deep red onyx earrings are set in 18k gold and the layer of clear quartz gives them an eye-catching, mulidimensional glow. Learn how to create a Tacori wish list as well!


Breaking news: Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. If you single girls are celebrating the other types of love in your life (which we hope you are), why not try your hand at a friendship bracelet? This one is particularly gorgeous - and we've got the instructions.

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