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Make a Date…With Denim!

By myShape

Make a Date...With Denim!

You’re most likely already in a long-term relationship with denim…but is it a dysfunctional one? Would your favorite pair be perfect if it just didn’t gap at the waist? Dying to don those haute skinny jeans you overpaid for if only they didn’t give you the dreaded “muffin top”?

The perfect pair of stovepipe jeans is not a pipe dream, and there’s no reason to give boot-cut the boot—you just need to understand your unique body shape and what will work for you. So pull yourself up by the belt-loops and follow a few easy guidelines to finding truly date-worthy denim:

Tip #1: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s best to simplify into two categories: dark rinses and light washes. A deep indigo rinse is a great place to start if you’re built with narrow shoulders and a hippier bottom, then pair with something brighter or busier on top to even things out. If you’re broader shouldered or big-busted with non-existent hips or a demure tookis, look for a light wash to create focus and shape. Once you’ve got your basic palette, you can play with details—sanding, whiskering and distressing—to give your look a timeworn character, a vintage feel or an urban strut.

Tip #2: Rise to the Occasion

What rise you choose to wear is often about your comfort zone; a standard rise might suit your more conservative mindset, while an ultra-low rise infuses some sex appeal into your look, but knowing what’s right for you can inform how extreme you choose to go. If you have a smaller hip and bottom, don’t go too low—a medium or higher rise will enhance your curves. If you’re a bit rounder at the torso, you can take it a little lower, and proportioned figures can pick and choose from high-waisted retro styles all the way down to low-low looks your plumber will envy.

Tip #3: Get a Leg Up

Arguably the most important consideration for hip-to-hem success is the cut, or silhouette, of a pair of jeans. One of the easiest styles to wear if you’re a curvy or hourglass shape or if you’re broader on bottom is a boot-cut style. Pairs with flares balance a fuller busted figure or broad shoulder. A cropped style like a cigarette pant silhouette looks smokin’ on leggier lasses with rounder middles—throw a pair of stilettos into the mix for a note of everyday femme fatale. Want to learn which body shape you are and get personalized style recommendations for your unique figure? Click here to receive your own free Personal Shop at myShape.

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