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Feeling Singled Out?

By eHarmony Staff

Feeling Singled Out?

At some stage in your life, it’s bound to crop up – the feeling that you’re the last single person left on the planet. Whether because of divorce, death or not meeting the right person, being single can leave you feeling alienated and unhappy. But instead of stressing about it, celebrate it. Read these tips to find out how.

1: Be your own date
Don’t let smug couples get you down. Instead of dreading going out alone, enjoy the fact that you can come and go as you please. Buy yourself a confidence-boosting outfit and make an entrance your friends won’t forget. By letting go of your insecurities, you can enjoy the fun and freedom that comes with the single life.

2: Relish being single
While sometimes it can feel like a burden, being single can open up exciting new possibilities. Over 14 million people are single in the UK, so your predicament is far from unique. Just think of all those potential dates!

As a singleton, enjoy the fact that you can indulge yourself without being judged and make good use of all your free time. This will take the stress out of the search for the perfect partner.

3: Enlist your friends for help
Instead of writing off your circle of happily hooked-up friends, consider them an asset. Husbands, wives and girlfriends may all be sources of potential dates. Why not ask them for a little help? If they seem reluctant, tell them you’re not looking for a blind date. A casual introduction at a party or on a day out could be all the help you need.

4. Widen your group of friends

If you’re still struggling to meet new people, think outside your immediate friends. Look around yourself – perhaps there’s a friendly work colleague or neighbour who you haven’t noticed before. If not a potential date, they could be a useful ally when it comes to going out?

Failing this, join new clubs or take a class in a new skill. Pursue a passion where you’re likely to meet like-minded singles. This is a great way to widen you circle of friends while doing something you enjoy. The best way to find love is to take the pressure off!

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