Zero In on Your Matches with Bing Maps on eHarmony


map Zero In on Your Matches with Bing Maps on eHarmony

When it comes to meeting new potential romantic partners, it’s important to get “distance” just right. We’re all familiar with the term GUD – Geographically Undesirable, and getting matches that feel too far away can dampen your enthusiasm. In addition, setting your geographic range incorrectly can mean that you miss including an important and relatively close population center which could have an adverse affect on the number of matches you receive.

eHarmony is pleased to announce a new site feature that’s designed to help you set your geographic range with greater ease, accuracy, and understanding – Bing Maps on eHarmony. It’s visual, dynamic and can help you receive more matches.

eHarmony allows you to choose a geographic radius of 30 miles, 60 miles, 120 miles, 300 miles from which your matches will be chosen. (You can also choose specific states, countries, or accept anyone in the world!) It can be difficult to visualize the area covered within these ranges. If you choose 60 miles, exactly what population centers are in your range and which are left out?

Let’s say you live in Austin, Texas. The new Bing Maps on eHarmony feature will allow you to look at a map of the region and know immediately that 30 miles covers Austin and Round Rock, 60 miles extends out into the countryside with towns like New Braunfels, 120 miles will allow you to be matched with people in San Antonio, and 300 miles gives you access to candidates in Dallas.

The new Bing Maps on eHarmony feature is already available. You can go to your account settings page now and use the map to zero in on your areas of interest. No more guessing who’s in and who’s out.

If this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eHarmony today!

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