The Cheerleader Effect: Why You Should Include Group Photos on Your Profile

Recent research has shown that individuals are rated as more attractive when they are in a group picture over an individual picture, a phenomenon known as the Cheerleader Effect. What is it about being seen in a group that makes you look more attractive, and should you post group photos onto your online dating profile? Read here to find out more.

The Economics of Online Dating

How can meeting your significant other online save you money? Recent research shows the economic savings can be huge. Read here to find out more.

The Many Misfortunate Blind Dates of Franny Agnes Lee Continue…

Our brand new character Franny Agnes Lee is back with another interesting blind date. She’s already been judged by a turtle, and now it seems she is being set up with a guy who closely resembles a leprechaun. Talk about misfortunate! Poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. I wonder what next month will bring? MORE:  […]

In Defense of ‘Selfies!’

Between Ellen DeGeneres’ group Oscar selfie to today’s guest post from psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein, my perception is changing about selfies! I no longer cringe at the thought of them, and am actually starting to embrace the idea of capturing yourself at your best. Enjoy Holstein’s defense of taking selfies… I’m standing in the bathroom of our time share […]

How to Meet that Attractive Stranger

Insightful author Sara Eckel returns with her latest guest blog. This time it is about the art of approaching a stranger — not the easiest thing to do. It’s the stuff that the “Missed Connections” sections are made of. You see a person — reading a novel at the airport, folding t-shirts at the laundromat, […]

Romantic? Affectionate? Why the Adjectives You Use to Describe Yourself on eHarmony Matter

Today’s guest blog is from the (truly!) brilliant statistician, researcher and computational biologist Emma Pierson, who dug into some eHarmony-released data to produce some really interesting findings about how we describe ourselves, and how this influences who we get matched up with on the site. I think if I had to guess — I would belong in the […]

The Real Reason You May Not Have Met ‘The One’ Yet

I love today’s guest blog by author/relationship expert Debi Berndt, who isn’t afraid to get deep when it comes to the reasons you may be single, even if you are longing for a relationship. Sometimes it really is about looking inward… Do you keep attracting the non-committal man or woman? You can see a pattern, […]

Come from a Crazy Family? How to Turn Around Your Background

When I did online dating a few years ago, there was one sentence that used to make me cringe: “My parents have been married 40 years.” “Well, that’s nice!” I thought. Mine aren’t. In fact, my parents divorced when I was 18. My mom remarried, but that marriage just went kaput too. I understand what […]

Whose Spark Have You Rekindled?

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” -Albert Schweitzer If ever I have had my own light go out, it was during my divorce. It was completely […]

Tall Women: Are Men Attracted or Intimidated?

Recently, a colleague of mine, a successful psychologist in her mid-30s, confided in me about an ongoing problem she faces in her dating life: She feels that she’s simply too tall for most men, standing at almost six feet. The issue she struggles with is the same issue many other tall women deal with as […]

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