Our Day at eHarmony


photo 1 300x180 Our Day at eHarmony

CEO Greg Waldorf led the Q&A with Christine and Scott during eHarmony's company meeting.

Every year, we invite one of our success couples to come to eHarmony to share their story at a company meeting. Every couple is special to us, and meeting them in person is a wonderful reminder of how important our work is. Last week, we were fortunate to meet success couple Christine and Scott. Now I’ll turn over the blog to them, so you can get a glimpse into the day from their point of view.

People who meet their soul mates via a “set up” are forever grateful to person who did the setting up. Scott and I can vouch for that.

We constantly said “Thank you, Dr. Warren!” We thanked him because he is visible, familiar and synonymous with eHarmony. And because we simply didn’t know who else to thank. eHarmony was a website, a service – it wasn’t a friend, a coworker, an acquaintance who introduced me and Scott. It was virtual, and thus, a little “unreal.”

But, reality set in last Thursday when we were invited to tour the eHarmony offices, to meet the employees, to speak at their meeting and to share our story. eHarmony became personal – and we knew who to thank for setting us up: everyone.

We were excited to see who was responsible for giving us each other. We were honored to be a part of a day that was dedicated to success, relationships and growth. We were happy to tour the company, to see the operation in action. Who knows – maybe other soul mates were getting matched at the exact time we were celebrating our success?

photo 2 300x180 Our Day at eHarmony

eHarmony employees were excited to meet and take photos with Christine and Scott.

We chatted, walked, smiled for photos, answered questions, drank caffeine and met the people who work for a company that will forever be in my heart and mind. From the moment we stepped off the elevator – into a lobby that featured a large photo of us for the day – people smiled. People were genuinely happy to see us there. People were thrilled to see their work in real life. When we turned every corner, someone said “Congratulations” to us. I wanted to say “thank you” to everyone I saw.

After a morning of smiles and story telling and congrats, we were mic’d up for a Q & A with the CEO and the audience. Enthusiastic faces listened to me and Scott share moments of our lives, glimpses into our relationship. It was fun to include those people who were so important in helping us meet.

photo 3 300x180 Our Day at eHarmony

eHarmony celebrated the happy couple's upcoming wedding with presents, balloons, and cupcakes.

We were given presents, a card signed by eHarmony’s team, wine!, and a yummy lunch at one of Dr. Warren’s favorite haunts. We are getting married on August 8, and have at times been caught up in the whirlwind that is wedding planning. It was enjoyable to take a break and remind ourselves of how we met, and to say thank you to those who “set us up.”

Thank you Dr. Warren – and everyone at eHarmony!

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