Kissing on the First Date – I Tally Your Votes


I’m so thankful for the voluminous feedback I received to my post on first date kissing and whether you have a policy against it. It can be difficult to roll down and read a large number of comments, so I’ve done my best to count and categorize the votes on the issue. This is imperfect, but will give you some idea of how your fellow eHarmony readers think.


A kiss equals love and I don’t give my heart away on the first date – 5 votes

I want to build excitement towards that eventual kiss – 2 votes

I’ve never kissed anyone ever, under any circumstance – 1 vote

I don’t even kiss on the 3rd or 4th date – 1 vote

You’re total strangers. Who wants to kiss a stranger? – 2 votes

You might catch a disease!? – 2 votes

What if they are kissing other people? That’s disgusting – 3 votes

If you’re not careful that kiss leads to…well…you know – 3 votes

Your date might take your kiss as a sign to attack you – 1 vote

No reason given – 5 votes


It’s a good compatibility test – 1 vote

If the night is going great, a kiss seems appropriate and harmless – 10 votes

Making a policy about such things seems silly and rigid – 2 votes

I assume if things are going well and he/she won’t kiss me, that they aren’t attracted to me – 3 votes

So, the straw poll has it 25 No Kiss, 16 Kiss. Interesting.

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