Introducing Sarah, the eH+ Matchmaker


_0003_sarah 2b

_0003_sarah 2beHarmony’s new service, eH+ gives you the benefit of a personal matchmaker who picks your matches and guides you to success.

What exactly is eH+, you ask? It’s eHarmony’s matching + premium professional matchmaking.

We’re taking the best of what eHarmony does – huge pool of quality singles, scientifically based matching, a track record for creating great relationships, and combining that with what personal matchmakers do best – person-to-person conversation, opportunities for feedback, and coaching to put your best foot forward.

The best way to make eHarmony better – a credentialed matchmaker.

We’ve all seen TV shows like “Millionaire Matchmaker”, where a self-made matchmaker kicks clients around for fun and drama. At eHarmony we do things a little differently. We’ve kept our matching process and layered on top a professional matchmaker, who will be there to help you understand what is or isn’t working in your love life and help you get a handle on the things that are holding you back. This is where Sarah comes in!

Sarah’s years of relational training and personal dedication to the success of the eH+ clients make her the ideal relationship guide. Having earned both a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees, Sarah has the depth and insight into eHarmony’s effective compatibility tool to find the best matches for you. She works closely with you through every step of your search and provides feedback and advice on presenting your best self.

After you register for eH+, you never need a computer again. You talk to Sarah via phone, Skype or however you like. She’ll call you when we have a match for you. It’s a great solution for busy people who long for a little less computer time in their day.

Telephone calls with a professional matchmaker. Hand-picked matches. Date reviews. “This doesn’t sound cheap,” you say. You’re right. Providing this level of human assistance isn’t cheap, and at $5000 a year eH+ may be too expensive for some. But we think that many people will want to give eH+ a closer look. After all, we’re talking about a spouse, a parent, a partner to share your life. If you can afford it, there’s no better place to spend your money.

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