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Are You Hiding Behind Your Cell Phone?

Today’s guest post is from Jennifer Sams of Divine Caroline , who explores the possibility that many of us are addicted to our cell phones. I just wonder how many missed opportunities there have been while we looked down at the phone instead of making eye contact or connecting with others. It’s hard enough to approach someone you […]

Seven Ways to Let a Date Down Easy

Letting someone down can be difficult. You want to be clear that you are not interested, but at the same it is important to 1) be respectful to the other person and 2) be consistent with your own personal image of yourself (e.g., that you are a nice or honest person) (Dillard, 1997).  Are there ways […]

The Trouble with In-laws…(Holiday Edition!)

There is no escaping the fact that this is the time of year when many are subjected to the scrutiny of others on how we host, cook, plan, decorate, etc. The biggest offender of this scrutiny is quite possibly our in-laws. According to a study in her book, What Do You Want From Me?, psychologist […]

Living Together Before Marriage: Relationship Killer or Not?

eHarmony researcher Lindsay Henry reveals whether or not living together before marriage will doom or improve a relationship. You might be enticed with all the qualities that living together might bring to the relationship. Living together can offer you an opportunity to save money on rent, spend less time commuting back and forth, and gives you ability to […]

Read This Before Saying, ‘I Love You.’

In a relationship, who do you think is more likely to say “I love you” first – men or women?  If you are like most people, you might be tempted to say women.  In a recent study, 64% of participants were likely to think women were the first to say they were in love, and these […]

In Online Dating, Who Should Make the First Move?

Today’s guest blog comes from eHarmony Labs researcher Emily Maywood – who explores the issue of communication in online dating. I learned a new word yesterday: Mamihlapinatapai. Despite its length (and looking a little like gibberish) it is actually described as “the most succinct word” because it defines a feeling that is so familiar, almost […]

Equality Now! Why You Should Strive for Equality in the Bedroom

If you are a firm believer in traditional gender roles in which the man is more dominant and the woman submissive, it could be affecting your sexual relationship more than you think. Read her to discover the effects and why we should strive for equality.

Is There More to the “Pre-Wedding Jitters” Than You Think?

Having doubts before saying “I do” is a fairly common thing. But what kind of effects can these pre-wedding feelings have on your relationship? Read here to find out.

Should I Delete My Ex-Partner as a Facebook Friend?

What happens after a couple breaks up – should they remain Facebook friends? A guest blog by Amy Muise, PhD explores the motivations and effects of remaining Facebook friends with your ex.

Single and Dating in America

Single and dating? Find out how most single Americans feel about looking for a partner.

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