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The dating arena can be scary. Here’s a little direction to get you through those “Should I” or “Shouldn’t I” moments.

Seven Ways to Know Whether You Can Be Friends with an Ex

It’s an area that confuses many of us. I’ve heard both sides of this one, and am happy to feature this guest blog from two of YourTango‘s top experts about this big question: Is it crazy to be friends with an ex? Sure, we all want to do the “mature” thing when it comes to breakups. But […]

Dating Dilemma: When to Text Vs. When to Call

Calling all human beings who date: Texting as the go-to means of communication needs to stop! There is definitely a time and place for texting, but I’m sorry – that time is not every moment of every day. It’s a legitimate question to ask: When should I call and when should I text? As a […]

Do You Really Need to ‘Love Yourself’ to Find Love?

“You can’t be in a loving relationship with another person until you first love yourself.” This is advice single people often hear, a message that gets cranked up several notches each Valentine’s Day. On its face, it makes sense: How could you possibly convince another person to fall madly in love with you if you […]

Stop the Hating: Don’t Get Dragged Down by Online Dating Horror Stories

Why do people love to tell you their bad online dating stories? You meet someone at a party who tells you she was recently divorced (or her father was widowed or her daughter was dumped) and is having trouble meeting new people. You try to be helpful and innocently mention online dating as an option. […]

Dare to Date on Valentine’s Day

There’s no rule that says Valentine’s Day is for established couples only. Author Sara Eckel returns with a new blog and a different perspective about the holiday – and dares us all to think a little differently! When Janice McDaniel and Pete O’Keefe went on a first date on Valentine’s Day, they opted for a low-key […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness: Let Go of Your Exes and Get Ready For Love

We all like to think we’re not bringing the baggage of the past into our new relationships. But no matter how much you are totally over your exes, it’s a fact that they’re still sitting with you across the table from your new date. You might as well get a bigger table because your parents, […]

Why Men and Women Get Self-Destructive in Relationships

Though the term “self-destructive” sounds pretty serious, most men and women occasionally engage in behavior that qualifies as self-destructive. A few common examples include overeating, charging a bit too much on the credit card, and losing your temper. Yet a subset of men and women engage in behavior that is more seriously self-destructive. I’ll focus […]

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Lucky in Love’?

Your friends and family have ideas about why you’re single—they think you’re too picky, or too needy or too set in your ways. And so, you dutifully work on these things. You date beyond your type. You cultivate a full life with fun, interesting friends. You push yourself to try rock-climbing or public speaking or […]

Fishing with the Right Bait!

I wrote a post for eHarmony back in August 2013 called How Dating’s Like Fishing: Hook, Line and Sinker. That post focused on the fact that if you always fish in the same pond, you are always going to be catching the same fish. It was about switching up your dating routine and finding new ways […]

Accept that Second Date…or Trust Your Gut?

We’ve got a brand new blogger in the mix! Sara Eckel is the author of It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single. She’s amazing, and will be contributing to the eH blog several times a month. In her first entry, she writes about the gift that is our gut instinct. Should we always just follow […]

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