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Sarah Schmermund specializes in marriage and family therapy, working with couples, individuals, and families via her private practice in Washington, D.C. Ms. Schmermund has interned with the Culver City Police Department Juvenile Diversion program, providing individual and family counseling to first-time offending juveniles and their families. Her professional interests include supporting the developing family system, particularly new and expecting families, through therapy and parent education. Ms. Schmermund received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.

women self esteem and dating
April 19, 2013

Why Women with Low Self-Esteem Try Harder in Relationships

How much effort you put forth in your dating relationships may have more to say about how much you like yourself rather than how much you like your partner. A recent study out of the UK suggests that self-esteem (or the lack thereof) may play a large role in how hard we work to maintain […]

March 29, 2013

Tips for the Easily-Distracted Dater

Mind-wandering is often a regular (and at times disruptive) influence in our everyday lives. We all do it; our attention strays and suddenly we’re thinking about everything but the task at hand. Mind-wandering can be helpful; it has been shown to enhance creativity and problem solving. Plus, when stuck in traffic or in the waiting […]

women's attractiontobadboys
March 20, 2013

What You Don’t Know About Women and ‘Bad Boys’

Marriage and family therapist Sarah Schmermund is back to reveal some interesting information about the role hormones play in a woman’s attraction to bad boys. Who knew!? It’s long been wondered why women prefer ‘bad boys.’ Sure, they might be sexy, handsome, and rebellious, but their lack of interest in being in a relationship means they […]

facebook negative effects
March 12, 2013

Why You Should Just Say ‘No’ to Facebook (Sometimes)

I am happy to introduce marriage and family therapist Sarah Schmermund to our blog. She will be writing weekly about all things dating and relationships. I love her first blog about Facebook, which can be a great addition to our lives, but also detrimental if you aren’t careful (and keep things in healthy perspective)! If […]

August 31, 2011

What Type of Flirt Are You?

You can learn a lot about someone by how they flirt, including their personality, attitudes and beliefs about courtship, self-presentation tendencies, and even past relationship behaviors. Knowing a potential partner’s flirting style may make it easier to determine if their dating attitudes and beliefs are similar to yours.

When Harry Met Sally
August 5, 2011

I’ll Have What She’s Having (but only if she’s good looking)

With so many choices and too little time, how can women know the good guys from the bad guys with just one glance?