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After years of researching, writing and reporting about Hollywood’s failed relationships, Jeannie ventured into the land of successful romances at eHarmony, and hasn’t looked back since! On board since early 2008, Jeannie absorbs everything she can about daters’ turn-ons, turn-offs, likes and dislikes – and shares her observations on the eHarmony Advice site. Besides stories about true love, Jeannie adores her miniature Australian Shepherd Buster, her awesome husband and loves boot camp, baking and Bravo!

‘Bad with Money?’ 5 Ways to Leave Your Financial Baggage Behind

Today’s guest blog comes from financial expert Jane Honeck, who challenges us to really think about money in a different way. I think understanding first where our baggage comes from is the biggest step in leaving it behind. Money Baggage: It’s not what you think. It’s not living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not your mounting credit card debt. And […]

How to Overcome the ‘Morning Blues’

Today’s guest blog is perfect for a Monday – the beginning of a brand new week. Psychologist Dr. Lisa Kaplin discusses how we can change the course of each day by doing a bit of reprogramming to our brains. Love the idea of waking up and instantly going to gratitude instead of gripes! Do you start […]

Because I’m Happy…

I love when positive anthems like Pharrell Williams’ Happy come along. They remind me about what is so much more important than my stress, anxieties or worries of the moment. Choosing to be happy, focus on what and who is good in your life and your blessings creates a much more content and fulfilled existence. Here are […]

4 Photos You Need in Your Online Dating Profile

I am inundated with information about good online dating profile photos and bad ones (duck lips, anyone?!). Since profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication, this is a topic worth revisiting often. I am also lucky enough to work in an office with researchers who study this sort of thing, so I […]

Finding the Courage to Make a Change

Today’s post is from one of my favorite people, Barbara Waxman. Below, she recounts a story and interaction she had with a client who knew in her heart she needed to make a big change — but was having a hard time admitting this to herself. That is often the scariest part of change…admitting that something […]

The Many Misfortunate Blind Dates of Franny Agnes Lee Continue…

Our brand new character Franny Agnes Lee is back with another interesting blind date. She’s already been judged by a turtle, and now it seems she is being set up with a guy who closely resembles a leprechaun. Talk about misfortunate! Poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. I wonder what next month will bring? MORE:  […]

In Defense of ‘Selfies!’

Between Ellen DeGeneres’ group Oscar selfie to today’s guest post from psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein, my perception is changing about selfies! I no longer cringe at the thought of them, and am actually starting to embrace the idea of capturing yourself at your best. Enjoy Holstein’s defense of taking selfies… I’m standing in the bathroom of our time share […]

Romantic? Affectionate? Why the Adjectives You Use to Describe Yourself on eHarmony Matter

Today’s guest blog is from the (truly!) brilliant statistician, researcher and computational biologist Emma Pierson, who dug into some eHarmony-released data to produce some really interesting findings about how we describe ourselves, and how this influences who we get matched up with on the site. I think if I had to guess — I would belong in the […]

The Real Reason You May Not Have Met ‘The One’ Yet

I love today’s guest blog by author/relationship expert Debi Berndt, who isn’t afraid to get deep when it comes to the reasons you may be single, even if you are longing for a relationship. Sometimes it really is about looking inward… Do you keep attracting the non-committal man or woman? You can see a pattern, […]

Are You Guilty of Falling for the Wrong Guy — Over and Over Again?

Today’s guest blog is full of important wisdom for anyone looking to settle down. Enjoy what Dr. Charles and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz have to say about finding the right partner, and why you may keep ending up with the wrong ones. Today in the world there were 3,262,000 first kisses. In the United States, there […]

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