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Grant Langston oversees eHarmony’s North American Content and Community. He joined eHarmony in 2000 as writer and editor in order to prepare the original site for launch, after years in advertising and music marketing. In the intervening years he’s managed promotion marketing efforts, newsletter outreach, and new products in the content realm. In his role as Editor-in-Chief of eHarmony’s flagship content site, eHarmony Advice, he often speaks to the media about dating, relationships, and the eHarmony Matching Service. When he isn’t writing or editing content Grant tours or records with his Americana band, takes cross-country motorcycle trips, or enjoys a good cigar. Grant holds a B.A. in Political Science from Auburn University.

Does It Matter to You If Your Matches Read Books?

For many years eHarmony has had a question on its profile about the last book you really enjoyed. Periodically we get emails from users who say, “Who READS anymore?! Why is this question here?” I know that the percent of Americans that read books is not in line with consumption of other popular media like […]

So, I’ve Been Dating Him a Month and I Find Out He’s Married…

Yes, this is how the conversation went around my dinner table a few nights ago. A friend – Melissa, early 30’s, is sharing her relationship crisis. She met this man on a conference trip and it was as if they were made for each other. They spent 4 days arm-in-arm strolling the streets of Chicago […]

“Hello, Uhaul?” – The Best U.S. Cities for Singles

I recently came across a Boston Globe article by Richard Florida, author of the book “Who’s Your City?,” that looked at the best U.S. cities for single men and women. Quite surprisingly, the trends don’t appear to vary so much city by city, but rather East of the Mississippi River and West of the Mississippi […]

So Now the 7-Year-Itch is the 3-Year-Itch? Don’t Believe it.

Every day we get a new “astounding discovery”. This week Reuters reports on a British poll of 2,000 adults in steady relationships. These respondents indicate the 36-month mark is when they start being irritated by the small habits and idiosyncrasies that once didn’t seem to matter. So now it isn’t the 7-year mark when two […]

Hypothetical – What Questions Would You Add to eHarmony’s Profile, “In Your Own Words”?

The profile is THE way that people decide if they are interested enough in you to communicate with you. It’s your first impression, your shingle, your calling card, and your homepage, if you will. It’s safe to say that many eHarmony users effectively hobble their success rate by leaving large parts of the profile […]

Ladies, Does Tracy McMillan Know Why You’re Not Married?

TV writer and author, Tracy McMillian, has kicked up a mini-firestorm with her Huffington Post piece entitled, “Why You’re Not Married”. Tracy has a book to sell, “I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway” and so we might understand her bombastic approach to the subject of women who can’t find a husband. She definitely […]

Internet Dating Percentage Up 500% in Ten Years

What a difference a decade makes. An Oxford University international study has revealed that 30% of men and women who use the Internet and are interested in starting a relationship have tried online dating sites. That’s up from 6% in 1997.  The term “Internet Dating” includes sites that match people as well as social networking […]

Thinner Wife, Happier Marriage?

New research from the University of Tennessee says that marital satisfaction is higher for men when their wives have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than they do. However, it isn’t the case that the lower the wives’ BMI, the happier the marriage. Women experience more marital satisfaction when their BMI is lower than their […]

Are Men Scared of Successful Women?

A recent conversation in the eHarmony Advice community and an article on have raised this much-discussed topic. There are a half-dozen pages of comments and questions on Advice, mostly focused on what women should do with men’s clear lack of interest in successful women. Should she downplay her accomplishments? Should she emphasize them early […]

Do We Over-Think Relationships?

Does more knowledge on a subject always lead to better results? What about couples who have been married 50 years, 60 years and more? They came up in a time when the knowledge about healthy relationships was limited. Are they just lucky? What do you think? The number-one song of the year was “Sweet Georgia […]

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