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As a senior research scientist, Dr. Lee is responsible for the international relationships research. She is also involved in the support and advancement of the online research labs. Prior to joining eHarmony, Dr. Lee studied relationship functioning and outcomes, including maintenance behaviors in married couples as well as deception and emotional outcomes in dating relationships. In addition to her knowledge in the field of romantic relationships, Dr. Lee brings applicable research skills from her 6 years in the healthcare industry. Dr. Lee holds a doctorate in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

7 Facts about Love for Valentine’s Day

Discover 7 new facts about love and romance from recent relationships research.

Physical attraction matters – for women too

Although women often say that looks don’t matter, a recent study shows both women and men have the same preference for choosing good-looking dates. Find out why.

Men think about sex way less than every 7 seconds

Is it true that men think about sex every 7 seconds? Researchers say no. Find out why and how often men and women actually think about sex.

Dating preferences change with age

Recent studies compared dating preferences among older and younger adults. While some dating preferences changed over time, others seem to stay the same. Find out what they are and how you might expect your dating preferences to change with time.

Soulmates – how believing in them (or not) affects your relationships

Do you believe in soulmates? Read the latest research and find out how your beliefs about relationships can impact your approach to relationships and the long-term quality.

Is marriage losing importance around the world?

From all the way around the world, marriage is changing and becoming less important. But for different reasons in Asian than Western countries. Here are a few interesting research findings about marriage in Asia.

How can you tell if someone is interested?

Studies show that most people are really bad at knowing who is attracted to them. Although human attraction is a complex issue, psychologists have made a few steps in helping to solve this riddle. Read on.

The Personality Quiz

Take our latest quiz to learn about your personality and how others see you.

Are secret relationships alluring or damaging?

Have you ever had a secret relationship? A relationship you wanted to keep from others? Was the excitement of the secret enough to keep the relationship together or did it eventually fizzle out? Learn more about this topic and how secrecy can affect your own relationships.

6 steps to keeping financial problems at bay in your relationship

Finances can be a major source of concern and conflict for many couples. Find out why money is such a major issue and what successful couples do to keep their checkbooks in order.

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