A Sweet Valentine’s Day on Any Budget

January 24, 2014


candle 300x272 A Sweet Valentines Day on Any BudgetLike many holidays, Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating the love in your life, but instead becomes a looming, stressful event. How do I top last year? Where do we go? What if I just don’t have the funds to do anything elaborate?

We all get caught up in wanting to express our love for others in a grandiose way — especially on this occasion. But if you think about it, what gifts and thoughtful gestures have touched you the most? For me, I remember words that were said or just a really sweet card. It truly is the THOUGHT that counts. Let’s all try to remember that and take the pressure off of ourselves.

The element of surprise is a fun way to celebrate. Get up early in the morning and decorate your loved one’s bathroom with notes and his favorite sweets or products. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Frame a favorite photo of the two of you — or your pet. How about just picking up the latest book from their favorite author or about their favorite subject? That and a thoughtful, homemade card — and maybe some homemade cookies – is incredibly special. I also really like the idea of just staying in and making dinner together. A friend of mine and his wife actually go out to the mall together, set a limit of $25, and see what they can find for each other that is unique and interesting.

Journalist and PR guru Anne Leedom also sent over a list of cool gift choices if you are fresh out of ideas. Check these personalized gifts below — and thank you Anne!

  • Personalized love birch cuff. Carving initials on a tree is a romantic tradition that goes back for centuries.  bracelet 300x300 A Sweet Valentines Day on Any Budget
  •  A custom throw blanket. A cozy throw will create a wonderful and personal place for just the two of you to cuddle after a long day.
  •  What I Love About You book. As relationships progress, we can lose focus on what our partner loves about us. A special book you can refer to over and over again reminds both of you what you truly love about each other. In time, your thoughts and feelings will become a treasured keepsake of your growing love.
  •  Personalized wine box. For the wine drinker, you can personalize the box with a heart, a message and the heart, or a special day to look forward to when they can open one of three compartments.
  •  Hockey Stick BBQ set. For the outdoors fan, this is a truly unique and fun gift what will show your appreciation of their favorite sport.
  •  Slate Cheese Board. For the hostess. Now you can have a wonderful wine and cheese spread and add messages right on to the board. You can display what cheese 2 300x155 A Sweet Valentines Day on Any Budgetkinds of cheese are out, list the dinner menu or just say I love you.
  •  Beat Bottle. It’s a perfect addition for the gym, beach, or travel. The bottle includes a slot for your iPhone 4 or 5 and amplifies songs through the bottom of the bottle as you sip your sports drink or hydrate after a long, musical run.
  •  Wearable candle. A truly unique and useful gift! This candle is perfect for a relaxing evening, as it offers a fresh, white tea fig and tobacco scent that doubles as perfume and a body butter.
  •  Personalized Lazy Susan. Create the perfect sentimental memento you can use every day.


What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever?

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