…And he believes that Fluoride in the water is a government attempt at mind control. Are Conspiracy Theories a Deal Breaker?


True Story – I know a woman who had 3 enjoyable dates with a fellow before the conversation drifted in an odd direction. First, he mentions that he is looking for land in rural Kansas to escape to “when things get really bad.” He has plans to dig an underground abode of sorts stocked with food and weapons. He told her that he is certain that anarchy or some sort of class/race war is coming soon and he wants to be ready. Okay, she thinks. Maybe he has a point. This doesn’t make him crazy or anything.

A couple of dates later he pointed out, in the course of one meal, that 9/11 was an inside job, that George Bush directed that the building be dynamited after having rogue agents fly planes into the buildings, that the Great Seal of the United States that appears on the dollar bill is a Satanic symbol proving that our government is in league with the Devil, and that certain breakfast cereals contain mind control ingredients.

Now, at this point she got a little scared. It’s one thing to believe some isolated theories or conspiracies about the way our society and government works. (For example, I think that Kevin James is an alien sent from another world to dumb down America.) It’s another to be a bona fide Conspiracy Theorist who has a long laundry list of fears and counter-realities about life.

Her question to me was, “If I decide that what he’s told me so far is okay, is it wise to hang around and see if he gets stranger in the months and weeks to come?”

I thought I would share with the group:

–Would you continue to date this person?

–Do you have some kind of rule about conspiracy theories and dating?

–Even if you believe in some popular conspiracies do you want to be with someone who is deeply committed to a wide range of them?

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